Renowned F1 Figure on Hamilton's Arrival at Ferrari and Its Impact on Leclerc

"This will be make or break for Charles, not for Lewis.”- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Renowned F1 Figure on Hamilton's Arrival at Ferrari and Its Impact on Leclerc
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Jacques Villeneuve, a former F1 champion, commented on the future of Charles Leclerc, who will have Lewis Hamilton as his teammate from next season onwards. Hamilton has decided to leave Mercedes and, starting from 2025, attempt to assist Ferrari in achieving success. 

Although Villeneuve and many F1 experts believe that Leclerc is a driver ready for great things, Jacques expects him to prove himself in the upcoming season. With Lewis Hamilton alongside him, it will be interesting to see if the Monegasque can indeed produce positive results alongside the Brit. 

While highlighting Leclerc's strengths such as speed, Villeneuve anticipates that the next year will be crucial for this young driver. Such words certainly create a lot of pressure for him, especially considering that Jacques is not the only one sharing this opinion. Of course, for good results, Leclerc will also need a car with which he can achieve success. In such an environment, it is difficult to expect Leclerc to compete for the top spot. Currently, he is quite far from Verstappen, just like the rest of the F1 drivers.

“He still has to prove it,”- Villeneuve told GPFans, as reported by Crash!

“He’s shown a lot of speed, he’s shown that he’s super fast, but he’s not the one who won the race for Ferrari last year. So it will be interesting to see how that balances out inside Ferrari.

This will be make or break for Charles, not for Lewis.”

Jacques Villeneuve
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It's also interesting that this season Leclerc is failing to meet his intentions, considering that Sainz has finished ahead of him in every race, even winning the race in Australia. Sainz cannot be happy with the fact that he is leaving the team from next season, and such excellent results this season might indicate that Ferrari has made a mistake. Villeneuve is not the only one who has commented on the situation regarding Leclerc. Former F1 driver Vitantonio Liuzzi has also given his opinion on Leclerc and Sainz.

Liuzzi mentioned Carlos's amazing improvement in the latter part of last season, particularly highlighted by his victory in Singapore. He expressed surprise at Charles Leclerc's current struggles, especially considering the strong performances of his teammate Sainz, who will be leaving at the end of the season to be replaced by Hamilton. Liuzzi hopes that Leclerc can regain his form, as he believes Leclerc's performance will be crucial for Ferrari's competitiveness.

Vitantonio Liuzzi
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Leclerc has been with this team for five years now, and there's an expectation for him to leap forward. Ferrari's leadership wants to provide him with the opportunity to progress by ensuring he has a competitive car. On the other hand, Charles must give his all, especially considering the expectations as a leader of this team. As a long-time fan of Ferrari since childhood, Leclerc has an additional motivation to show his best. Having Hamilton as a teammate might also be beneficial for him. It will be interesting to watch them as teammates and see what plans Ferrari has for this duo.

Experts from the world of Formula 1 and individuals with years of experience in the F1 scene are already providing analyses of their partnership. One of them is Fred Vasseur, the Ferrari team principal. He anticipates that this duo will achieve positive outcomes.

Frederic Vasseur on Hamiton and Leclerc partnership

Vasseur commented on Lewis Hamilton's arrival, stressing its significance for the team. He mentioned that beyond Hamilton's speed, his presence brings a sense of calmness, extensive experience, and a proven track record of success.  Having Hamilton as a teammate is an ideal opportunity for anyone to learn, considering his experience and the results he has achieved throughout his career. Leclerc will have the chance to learn a lot from the Briton.

Frederic Vasseur
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highlighted the necessity of having a winning mentality at Ferrari to progress further. He expressed his happiness about the potential positive dynamic between Leclerc and Hamilton, believing that their relationship will benefit both drivers. 

Vasseur has every reason to be happy when looking at the team they'll have from next season onwards. Additionally, this Italian team has ambitions to progress in the coming season, just like in previous ones. Ferrari is expected to be the main contender against Red Bull for the championship next year, just as they are this year. Federic and the rest of the team have set high goals, and Hamilton's arrival is sufficient confirmation of their intentions from 2025 onwards.

Moreover, Vasseur pointed out that Hamilton's influence extends beyond on-track performance, stressing the importance of consistency and professionalism throughout the year. He sees Hamilton as a role model in this regard.

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