F1 Reporter Suggests Carlos Sainz to Red Bull Is a Growing Possibility

“Multiple sources say Red Bull have spoken to Team Sainz about a return to the Red Bull family."

by Sead Dedovic
F1 Reporter Suggests Carlos Sainz to Red Bull Is a Growing Possibility
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Carlos Sainz's future is always an interesting topic in the F1 scene. The Spaniard has been excellent this season, much like Ferrari. Since he will lose his place in Ferrari next year, and Lewis Hamilton will take his place, Sainz must seek his fortune in another team. 

Many teams are mentioned as options for him in the future, but only one will succeed in their intention. F1 analysts and experts make predictions and analyze when it comes to Sainz's future. 

F1.com's Lawrence Barreto confirmed there is increasing talk of Red Bull's interest in Sainz. The leaders of this team have admitted that Sainz is one of the options, but they have not yet clearly defined their plans. Sergio Perez has been excellent this season, which may be an indication that he will remain part of this team, without the need for Red Bull to engage anyone. Considering how dynamic the F1 scene is, no option should be ruled out.

“Multiple sources say Red Bull have spoken to Team Sainz about a return to the Red Bull family he left during the 2017 season to join Renault,” -Lawrence Barretto wrote, as quoted by Formula 1!

"The Spaniard is in the form of his life. He has finished on the podium in every race he has started this year, including a brilliant win in Australia."

Barretto emphasized that Sainz is the only driver who managed to stop the dominant Red Bull, at least in the Australian race. This outstanding performance showed that Sainz has the qualities to compete with the best. Barretto points out that the Red Bull executives are acting too cautiously, aware that Verstappen and Sainz were teammates in 2015 but not with much success, especially in terms of their relationship.

Barretto believes that the current situation best suits Sergio Perez, for whom Red Bull team principal Christian Horner considers a priority at this moment. Additionally, Barretto emphasizes that various media outlets confirm this, highlighting Perez's excellent relationship with Red Bull's leadership this season, especially after his successful performances. The F1.com journalist believes that Daniel Ricciardo cannot be ruled out, despite media reports suggesting otherwise.

 Furthermore, several other drivers are emerging as candidates for a place at Red Bull, dismissing Fernando Alonso, who extended his contract with Aston Martin a few days ago. It seems his intentions are to focus on the future with this team, ready to help Aston Martin achieve their goals.

Verstappen's potential departure has been a topic of discussion, given the speculation surrounding his contract. However, lately, there has been less talk about it, indicating a growing belief that he will remain with Red Bull. Verstappen's decision will heavily influence who fills the other seat. If he stays, Red Bull's approach to their lineup will likely remain unchanged. As his contract extends until the end of 2028, the team is currently operating under the assumption that he will stay in the short term, at least.

Max Verstappen
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Lawrence also commented on Max Verstappen, who has continued his dominance this year, suggesting that he could win the championship again. However, there is uncertainty whether the Dutchman will remain with the team, despite being under contract until 2028. Recently, there has been much speculation about Max potentially leaving Red Bull, motivated to start a new chapter in his career with another team. 

Nevertheless, he notes that in recent weeks, such rumors have lost significance and credibility, which may indicate that Verstappen intends to stay with Red Bull. 

Lawrence Barreto on Max Verstappen's influence

Barretto believes that Verstappen will be the main factor in Red Bull's decision-making process. If the Dutchman leaves the team, Red Bull executives will have to rethink their strategy entirely. His departure would entail radical changes and extensive analysis for Red Bull regarding the seat for the next season. Barretto suggests that Red Bull executives are considering their options for the second driver, with optimism that Verstappen will stay with the team, at least in the short term.

The F1 journalist isn't optimistic about Yuki Tsunoda's chances of joining the Red Bull team from next season. The Japanese driver has impressed everyone at RB this year, confirming that he has the qualities for great things. His performance in Australia was particularly impressive, finishing seventh. However, the journalist believes that the rumors don't inspire confidence that Tsunoda will be ready for such a big challenge next season. It seems he's not even on the list. 

Yuki Tsunoda
Yuki Tsunoda© Peter Fox/Getty Images Sport

Red Bull has a great team and high ambitions for the future. They're aware that they're now the team leading the way, and that every decision they make must be carefully considered. Making one wrong decision could cost them in the future. For now, things are going well for them, and there's every chance that Max Verstappen will win the championship for the fourth time in a row.

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