Cyril Abiteboul leaves Renault

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Cyril Abiteboul leaves Renault

Quite unexpectedly, on Monday afternoon, the news was published that Cyril Abiteboul, the current head of Renault's F1 team, was leaving the team of the French manufacturer. There has been a lot of speculation in the media about the changes in the leadership of the Renault team.

Cyril Abiteboul was expected to take over another position within Renault's company, but it has now been confirmed that he is leaving it altogether. Laurent Rossi, Renault's Director of Strategy and Business Development, has become CEO of Alpine.

His duty will be to lead the motoring and F1 program, as well as all other activities in the world of motorsport. His superior will be Renault CEO, Luca de Meo. The continuation of these changes in Renault's leadership should lead to the appointment of Marcin Budkowski to the position of head of the Alpine team in Formula 1, as reported by

Abiteboul is thankful

It is certainly not easy for Abiteboul to leave the team, but there are reasons for such a decision that we do not know. However, as he says, the team is equally strong without him and he is grateful for all the years he has spent and for the trust that has been given to him.

“I would like to thank the Renault Group for the trust for all these years, especially in starting and rebuilding the team since 2016. The solid foundations of the racing team and our plants in France and England over the years, the strategic evolution of the sport towards an economically viable model on a very good trajectory.

” “I want to thank Luca de Meu for involving me in the creation of the Alpine Business Unit project and I wish the new management structure a lot of success,” Abiteboul said of his departure. Cyril started working for Renault immediately after graduation, and joined the F1 team in 2007, and rose to CEO status.

He decided to move to Caterham where he was head of the team from 2012 to 2014, to then return to Renault and be one of the key people in the process of Renault’s return to F1 as a factory team. “I would like to thank Cyril for his tireless work, who led the Renault F1 team from the penultimate place in 2016 to the podium last season.

His outstanding contribution to Formula 1 since 2007 allows us to look to the future, to conquer the podium this year with a strong team and a new Alpine F1 Team identity, ”said De Meo.