Max Verstappen: "I would love to fight for the 2021 title"

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Max Verstappen: "I would love to fight for the 2021 title"

Max Verstappen claims he is not worried about running out of time to win his first Formula One world title. The Dutchman and his Red Bull team hoped that Verstappen would become the youngest world champion ever, but Mercedes ’dominance in the hybrid era ruined their plans.

Verstappen is already too old to break the record of Sebastian Vettel, who was crowned the youngest world champion at 23 years and 134 days. Despite failing in his plan, Verstappen claims he is not worried about the situation in which he finds himself.

“Clearly I would love to fight for the 2021 title, but we’ll see how the situation will be," Max said. "I am still very young. People say my time is running out, but I’m relaxed. That's the way life is, some things can't be forced.

" As the Red Bull team is optimistic about overcoming the problems they had with the RB16 car, and with the fact that Honda is preparing a completely new power unit, Verstappen is optimistic about the progress it will have in the upcoming seasons.


Most teams this season will try everything to achieve the best possible results. Many are working on their cars, trying to improve every aspect of their car and Verstappen is aware of that. “I really think we’re going to make a breakthrough,” Verstappen said.

"But I expect others to make progress. I hope that our progress will be greater than the others. " Verstappen enters the 2021 season as the winner of the last race of the 2020 season in the race for the Abu Dhabi GP, but at Red Bull, he has no illusions about the steps they must take to face Mercedes.

Max’s father, Jos Verstappen, stressed that it was more important how he would start next season than how the previous one ended. “It’s nice to win the last race of the season, but it’s even better to win the first race of the new season,” Max’s father said.

"It's more important to win at the beginning of the season, to show that we have a competitive car." When asked about catching up with Mercedes, Jos Verstappen underlined the importance of changing the technical regulations for the new season, and how he hopes Honda will prepare a good engine.

Verstappen can finally show this season that he can achieve a lot and who knows, he may become champion this year