Fernando Alonso Commits to Racing at 45: I'll Be Honest If I'm Not Ready

Alonso emphasizes that he doesn't see himself as a driver who will retire from F1 in the coming years

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso Commits to Racing at 45: I'll Be Honest If I'm Not Ready
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Fernando Alonso's contract extension with Aston Martin has sparked a lot of reactions, mostly positive. The experienced Spaniard, despite being 42 years old, has decided to commit his loyalty to this team at least until 2025 or 2026. Interestingly, his contract includes clauses allowing him to transition into a non-driving role if he chooses not to continue as a driver. 

Alonso doesn't seem discouraged by the prospect of being 45 when his contract might be up for renewal. However, he emphasized that if he doesn't feel great or motivated, he will be honest with Aston Martin's leadership. Fernando intends to give his best, ready to assist the team in achieving its goals. He doesn't intend to compete for this team if he can't perform at his best.

"It is true, I will be 45 or more and keep racing. If one day, I feel that I'm not motivated, not in good shape or not fast...I think I have a very honest relationship with Aston.

I will be the first one to raise my hand and say: 'You know, I have maybe lost here or there' and we will find solutions."- Alonso said, as quoted by Motor Sport!

Alonso emphasizes that he doesn't see himself as a driver who will retire from F1 in the coming years. Reflecting on the race in Japan, Alonso considers it one of his best races, and the fact that he is 42 years old doesn't change anything. The Spaniard also commented on Lewis Hamilton, who will turn 40 next January and will still compete in F1 as a member of Ferrari. This gives him motivation and confidence that he can continue competing for several more years.

Fernando Alonso explained that Formula 1 demands a considerable amount of time and energy, often requiring sacrifices in other areas of life. He needed some time to reflect and consider whether he was prepared to commit to more years in the sport. It wasn't about the racing itself but rather the extensive travel involved. 

He expressed concerns about the demanding calendar, particularly with regards to the pre-season commitments such as photoshoots, videos, and car launches, which can be taxing, especially at this stage of his career.

Despite all the challenges he faces as a driver, Alonso is passionate about F1, which is evident given that at 42 years old, he is motivated to achieve success. Fernando's love for F1 is huge, so it's no wonder why the Spaniard wants to continue doing great things in the future. He emphasizes that the joy he feels while driving is stronger than any sacrifice.

"So I said, let me go through that tough period at the beginning of the year and that tough period of traveling, time zones, big planes and these kinds of things.

I felt that I love too much driving, that I cannot stop at the moment. And I think the sacrifices that you have to make are smaller than the joy of driving and the passion that I have for driving."- he continued.

Fernando Alonso and his goals

Alonso expressed his deep dedication to Formula 1, stating that it is an integral part of his life. He trains and maintains his fitness specifically for driving Formula 1 cars and sticks to a healthy diet for the same purpose. He hasn't reached a point where he feels the need to change his lifestyle because he enjoys it. Alonso loves his profession and couldn't imagine himself being content sitting at home watching Formula 1 races, as he still feels strongly that he belongs on the track.

Fernando Alonso
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After extending his contract with Aston Martin, Alonso emphasized that he feels physically excellent and is eager for success. Few expected Alonso to be so dominant upon his return to the big stage. Perhaps the skepticism directed towards him was precisely the motivation for the 42-year-old driver to show that he is still among the best. Alonso wants to prove that he can be part of F1 regardless of his age, ready to help Aston Martin become champions. It will be a tough task, but Alonso believes in everything.

“I am at my physical best and still hungry. I will give my all as we continue our journey to becoming a world championship winning team,” Alonso said!

Aston Martin's executives, such as team principal Mike Krack, have emphasized that they have achieved an amazing relationship with Alonso during his journey with Aston Martin. Krack highlighted that they have been negotiating with Alonso regarding the extension of his contract for several months. The Spaniard realized that he wanted to continue his story with this team and help Aston Martin in the future.

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