Christian Horner responds to Wolff's statements: I've learned not to listen to him

Wolff emphasized after the last race that nobody will be able to catch Max Verstappen this year, highlighting that the Dutchman is far ahead of his competition

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner responds to Wolff's statements: I've learned not to listen to him
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Red Bull is dominant this season, and they are seen as the main contenders for winning another championship. The Austrian team shouldn't have a tough task, considering the competition and their qualities. The leaders of this team don't want to get carried away, aware that there is still a lot left until the end of the season. Nevertheless, statements from people like Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss, give reason for optimism to Red Bull's leaders. Wolff emphasized after the last race that nobody will be able to catch Max Verstappen this year, highlighting that the Dutchman is far ahead of his competition. Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, shortly after reacted to Toto Wolff's comments, emphasizing that this is just the beginning of the season and that there is a lot left until the end. Horner stated in a media interview that it's too early to write off a team like Mercedes.

“It's very early to write off your year. There's still 20 races to go, but I've learned not to listen too much to what Toto said over the years.”- Christian Horner said, as quoted by MotorSport!

Red Bull's motorsport advisor, Helmut Marko, believes that such comments should not be taken seriously. In the comments of Red Bull's leaders, one can sense skepticism towards such remarks, considering that the pressure to win can sometimes pose a problem for some teams. Marko does not want to dwell on such comments, emphasizing that there are still 20 races remaining. As an example, Marko cited the race in Melbourne where things changed. The Red Bull advisor knows where the biggest threat is coming from, and it seems to be Ferrari at this moment. Looking at the current season, Ferrari seems close to Red Bull. They are certainly a team that can achieve great things.

Toto Wolff
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Experienced Marko doesn't want to underestimate the qualities of his team, aware that they have a strong car and quality drivers. He is particularly happy to have Max Verstappen in the team, a driver who makes a huge difference on the F1 scene. As an example of his superiority, Marko highlighted the race in Suzuka where Max was brilliant even with worn tires. Verstappen has the same intentions as in previous seasons. His intention is to win the championship, and no other option is considered.

“We have a good car, but then Max makes the difference once again. Everything was clear in Suzuka, but then Max drove this incredible fastest lap on worn tyres, not just for fun, but to get his message across: ‘Hello, the rest of you are only there to finish second!’"

He expressed that Verstappen is in fantastic condition. Verstappen switched trainers during the winter break, resulting in improved fitness and a lean physique. The car is also performing optimally, with apparent extra capacity. Verstappen's awareness extends beyond just his immediate competitors, as he keeps track of those further back and their lap times. This level of capability is impressive, and it seems that his outstanding form from last year has persisted.

Max Verstappen after the race in Japan

Verstappen has continued from where he left off. Although the race in Australia was disappointing for him, the Dutchman didn't let it bother him and started fiercely in the race in Japan. Verstappen is still the main contender for winning the championship. Max is happy with this victory, emphasizing that it took a few laps to settle in a bit. He had a good feeling about the car, which made his job easier.

When asked about the changes, Verstappen explained that although he wasn't satisfied until qualifying, they did make some adjustments. While he couldn't go into detail, these changes improved the driving experience, making it smoother and more manageable. He always looks for areas to improve, but overall, the major changes to the car provided better grip, improving performance.

The brilliant Dutchman intends to maintain the same pace in the upcoming races and achieve success for his team. It will be intriguing to follow his performances until the end of the season, awaiting what Max will deliver in the next race. Expectations for him are always high, with victory being the only option. Verstappen is confident that he can achieve his goals this season and set numerous records in the future.

Red Bull's leaders have faith in him, and the team spirit is palpable. This is one of the reasons why Red Bull is performing so well. Having a motivated team ready to achieve great results is the first step towards success.Comments like those from Wolff will not be a distraction for them.

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