Honda's Desire: A Future Reunion with F1 Star Max Verstappen

"It is a very good relationship. We trust each other and also the Honda workers love Max."

by Sead Dedovic
Honda's Desire: A Future Reunion with F1 Star Max Verstappen
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Honda and Red Bull will end their partnership in 2026, when Honda will continue its F1 journey with Aston Martin. Honda has achieved great success with Red Bull and is on track to continue the same in the future. Honda Racing Corporation president Koji Watanabe revealed that he is aware that every partnership must come to an end, but he hopes to have the opportunity to collaborate with Red Bull again. He is happy with the relationship they have had. For him, trust is the most important, and he emphasized that he is proud to have the opportunity to work with Max Verstappen.

"I don’t think that day will come within a very short period of time, but if both continue their Formula 1 activities in the future then we hope that we can work together again one day," said Watanabe, as quoted by Motorsport!

"It is a very good relationship. We trust each other and also the Honda workers love Max. We are proud to work together with Max, so we will miss him in the future."

He confirmed that over the next two years, he will give his all to win more world championships with Max and Red Bull. Watanabe expressed admiration for Verstappen, emphasizing how important he is for Red Bull, and for F1 in general. While he is aware of the importance of team management and machinery, he believes that the combination of all factors is crucial, and that Max may be the main piece in the whole story. The Dutchman is a driver who impresses everyone.

Watanabe reflected on the best moment regarding the Red Bull and Honda partnership. One of the special memories for him is when Max pointed to the Honda logo on the podium in Austria at the Red Bull Ring. Watanabe confirmed that he was part of it all and considers it a special moment. He is also happy that the Dutchman uses every opportunity to thank Honda.

"I was there, that was a very special moment for me. I was standing under the podium and that day was so special.

He always thinks about Honda and says ‘thank you, Honda’ a lot. He expresses his thoughts to the outside world about Honda, which is also important for all the people working for Honda."- he continued.

Even after winning his third consecutive championship, Verstappen expressed gratitude to Honda and its leaders who have made tremendous efforts to assist Red Bull. Verstappen commented on the importance of Honda for his success in a media interview shortly after winning the championship. The Dutchman confirmed that he is happy to work with Honda, given their politeness and motivation to achieve success together. Their partnership proved to be one of the best in the history of this sport.

"It's massive. It's the chassis together with the engine that allows you to achieve these kinds of things.

I'm very happy to work with Honda. I always have been. They are amazing people, they’re always super polite but also super motivated and always willing to listen and of course willing to improve."- Verstappen said.

Max Verstappen on Honda

Verstappen expressed that Honda will always hold a special place in his heart, even when they depart at the end of 2025. He explained that he is proud of the journey they embarked on together as a team and the progress they have made. Verstappen believes that everyone involved can take pride in the journey from their initial collaboration to their current achievements.

Max Verstappen
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The brilliant Dutchman intends to achieve great things in the upcoming period and secure another championship. Currently, everything is going well for him, and there is every chance that he will once again become champion. At this moment, it is difficult to see anyone stopping the Dutchman, who is ready to break all records. Predicting the future and foreseeing is challenging, but Max could indeed become a driver who surpasses the records set by his predecessors.

There is still much left in the season, and we hope to see a more competitive F1 this year, with other names at least somewhat able to challenge Verstappen. Although Ferrari seems to be one of the teams closest to Red Bull, the difference is still significant.

Verstappen is someone who respects Honda and everyone who has played a crucial role in his championship quest. He believes that the partnership with Honda is crucial for the future of this team. And in the upcoming period, this partnership could prove to be a winning combination for success.

Verstappen has immense trust in both Red Bull and Honda, and he has no intention of tarnishing his image in their eyes.

Max Verstappen