Fernando Alonso on the Special Reason Behind Extending Contract with Aston Martin

"It was very, very important to me," Alonso said

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso on the Special Reason Behind Extending Contract with Aston Martin
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Yesterday, it was officially confirmed that Fernando Alonso has extended his loyalty with Aston Martin until the year 2026. The brilliant Spaniard has thus fulfilled the expectations of this team's fans, who are delighted about the new era with Alonso. In an interview for the media, Fernando emphasized that he is happy with the contract extension, ready for a new chapter in his career. Despite being 42 years old, Alonso has serious plans for his future. 

What is also interesting is Alonso's confirmation that his decision was eased by the fact that Aston is in partnership with Honda. Considering all that Honda has accomplished on the big stage, Alonso believes it's a great thing for both sides. Although things weren't ideal at McLaren, Honda has addressed the issues and is currently doing great things.

"Part of the decision to stay at Aston is because they are with Honda for 2026. It was very, very important to me," Alonso said, as quoted by f1i.com!

"Honda is definitely a manufacturer that has so much success in Formula 1 and in the world of motorsport, it was always a company that I respected.

It didn't work for us at McLaren, in the years that they came to the sport, but right after that they fixed all the problems and they are currently dominating the sport."

He believes that Honda has big plans for 2026 and expects great things from them. Alonso is aware of Honda's capabilities for great achievements. It will be interesting to follow Alonso's progress and that of his team alongside Honda.

"I think they will have a baseline for 2026 that is already very strong, but also they have the capacity in Sakura of building something really nice.

After the experience with McLaren-Honda and IndyCar as well, we have now the opportunity to work again together. That for me is a true pleasure."- he continued.

Alonso expressed optimism about Aston Martin's collaboration with Aramco amid Formula 1's transition to 100% sustainable fuels by 2026, coinciding with the debut of the next generation of hybrid power units. He highlighted the potential benefits of sustainable fuels and emphasized the strength of their partnership with Aramco.

Looking ahead to the uncertainties of the 2026 regulations, Alonso expressed confidence in Aston Martin's project, engine, and power unit. He cited their current dominance in the sport, particularly with their powerful engines in Red Bull and AlphaTauri (RB), as a key factor. 

It must be admitted that Aston Martin is performing brilliantly this season, surprising many with their amazing performances. Their intentions do not stop there; they aim to take another step forward this season and in the seasons to come. Judging by Alonso's statements, he has huge confidence in this project, aware that this team could dominate in the coming years.

Additionally, Alonso pointed out the advantage that Aston Martin will have with the introduction of new fuels and regulations, providing them with the necessary resources to succeed in the evolving landscape of Formula 1.

Fernando Alonso explains his decision to extend the contract

Alonso explained that he took some time, a few races or weeks, to reflect on his readiness to extend his commitment in Formula 1 with Aston Martin. He stressed the increased intensity of the calendar, the cars, and the commitments in the sport. While his passion for Formula 1 and Aston Martin remained unchanged, he needed this period to have a personal conversation with himself and make a thoughtful decision. 

Fernando Alonso
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Given his age, offers from other teams, and many other factors, Alonso needed some time to carefully consider what was the best decision for him. The Spaniard was aware of the implications that the decision to extend or not could have on his future. However, after analyzing all the factors, he realized that Aston Martin was the right team for him.

Alonso emphasized that Formula 1 demands all of one's time and energy, requiring sacrifices in various aspects of life to continue racing. Thus, he wanted to ensure that he was mentally prepared to make such commitments.

Alonso extended his loyalty with the team until the year 2026, emphasizing that this is the longest contract he has signed in his career. Even when he finishes his career, the brilliant Spaniard intends to continue his journey with this team. He intends to help Aston Martin in every way possible, aware that this is a team with the potential for great achievements.

We will see whether after this extension of the contract, the situation within the team might become even better, providing an opportunity for Alonso to achieve even better results in the future.

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