Toto Wolff Stresses: F1 Still Offers Excitement Amid Max Verstappen's Dominance

Fans are not happy with the Dutchman's dominance, feeling that F1 lacks excitement

by Sead Dedovic
Toto Wolff Stresses: F1 Still Offers Excitement Amid Max Verstappen's Dominance
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This season is a replay of the previous one: Max Verstappen is leading the way in the F1 scene, and no one can stop him at the moment. The brilliant Dutchman looks impressive, aiming to achieve huge success in the coming period. Of course, winning the championship is his priority, and although it's early in the season, it seems he will succeed in his intention. 

Statements from Mercedes boss Toto Wolff that Verstappen is far ahead of his competition have sparked mixed reactions. Yet, no one can deny what Wolff said, considering that Verstappen's dominance is noticeable. Toto Wolff emphasized in a media interview that the season is not as boring as some think, given that other teams in the F1 scene surprise us week after week. 

One such example is Ferrari, which is currently the closest to Red Bull, although Red Bull is still far ahead of everyone else. Wolff believes that the last race in Japan shows that F1 is still exciting. The Mercedes team principal hopes that his team (Mercedes) can move in the right direction despite everything that's happening.

“I think I wouldn’t say it like this, because the guys who are ahead are the deserving winner and I believe that we’ve seen the Ferraris more closer to him than some of the previous racers,” Wolff said, as quoted by Crash!

“I think we can be closer to the Ferraris than we’ve shown today. It is still exciting. I don’t know what the race was for you guys to watch, I’m just looking at our cars in split time so I never have a correct picture of what’s actually happening out there.

But I believe it’s pretty close between P3 and P2 at times and P8.

In that respect, there will be some action and we just got to push ourselves to provide a better showing and eventually challenge them.”

Max Verstappen
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Wolff is expressing his strong belief that Max Verstappen has taken a huge lead in the championship race, even with his DNF result in Australia. He asserts that Verstappen's driving abilities and the performance of his car have been superior, making him difficult to catch. 

According to Wolff, the focus of this season has shifted towards the battle for the positions behind Verstappen, with teams competing for the title of "best of the rest." He mentions the goal of Mercedes to close the gap to McLaren and Ferrari and compete for the second position in the championship standings, a position they held last year.

At this point, it's redundant to discuss Mercedes and Red Bull as rivals, given that they are anything but rivals this season. Mercedes is likely to battle with Ferrari and McLaren for the second position. And that will be a tough task, considering their performance so far this season. 

Having drivers like Russell and Hamilton is fantastic. However, for their success, they need a car capable of achieving great things. The current Mercedes car doesn't seem to suit the preferences of these two drivers. Lewis is leaving the team next season, while Russell will likely get the role he has dreamed of for years. The focus will be on him, and he will have the opportunity to shine in the right way.

Toto Wolff tries to be optimistic

Toto Wolff's statements avoid planting pessimism, as he's aware that it could further jeopardize his team's position in the F1 scene. His statements encourage optimism, courage, and belief that a new day brings something entirely new for Mercedes. The team principal is putting in maximum efforts, along with the rest of the team, to turn things around in their favor. The season has just begun, and there are many races ahead of us, so it's difficult to write off anyone at this point.

Mercedes is a team that has dominated the big stage for years, so it was to be expected that such things would happen. However, their focus is also on the future. The next season entails the departure of the team's greatest driver, Lewis Hamilton. The Briton has made history with this team, and it will be difficult to find a suitable replacement for him.

Despite being disappointed with this season, Wolff has already begun considering options for the next one, ready to make Mercedes the team it has been for all these years. Several names are being considered, but they don't want to rush and make impulsive decisions that could cost them in the long run.

The Mercedes team boss has mentioned some of the names that will compete for a place in this team from next season. Many drivers dream of racing for this team, so we will see what the future holds.

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