Sergio Perez: I expect in a month to really know what I'm doing next year

"Whatever comes next, I'm really pleased with what I've done in the sport so far."

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez: I expect in a month to really know what I'm doing next year
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Sergio Perez, after a previous season where he didn't quite meet the expectations of Red Bull's leaders, has shown significant improvement this season. The last race in Japan was an indicator that the Mexican has taken his task seriously this year, finishing the race as P2. His contract expires at the end of the season, and rumors about his future are already circulating. 

Perez seems to lack confidence from the leaders of this team, even though he has impressed many with his performances this season. Red Bull is a team that always demands the best from you, and sometimes it can be difficult to secure a place in such a team. 

In a media interview after the last race, Perez emphasized that he is relaxed about the current season. He is primarily happy to be part of this sport, having achieved great successes. Perez is aware that there could be changes in the F1 scene, not only regarding him but also his colleagues. What surprised many is Perez's statement that he expects to know more about his future in a month.

"I'm very relaxed about it. It's my 14th season in F1. Whatever comes next, I'm really pleased with what I've done in the sport so far and I believe it will be a matter of time," Perez told Sky Sports F1, as quoted by F1i

"The driver market is moving and in the next few weeks, there will be a lot of movement for sure. I expect in a month to really know what I'm doing next year."

During the past season and even after its conclusion, Red Bull's leaders, primarily Christian Horner and Helmut Marko, were known to send critical messages to Perez, hoping for better performances from him. They warned him then that he must improve if he wants to secure a place in this team beyond the 2025 season. 

It represented huge pressure for Perez, but he found ways to cope with it. Perez realized he needed to change his mindset and give his best. 

Christian Horner confirmed in a media interview that the situation in the F1 scene is chaotic, with many changes expected in the near future. Leaders of more prominent teams often receive questions about their future and plans, and thus, Red Bull's leaders inevitably face the question: What is Sergio Perez's fate in this team? Christian admitted that Red Bull isn't in a rush, but many teams are interested in them and want to dethrone them.

"The whole driver market seems to be very early this year," said Christian Horner.

"Everybody seems to be rushing around and we're only four races into the year. We are not in a huge rush and obviously there's a significant amount of interest in our cars, as you would expect."

Christian Horner and Sergio Perez
Christian Horner and Sergio Perez© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

Horner admitted that after a few upcoming races, he will start considering the next season and solidifying his plans regarding the team's future. Horner's statement about Perez, saying 'It's his seat to lose,' immediately sparked reactions. Horner further confirmed in his statement that the Mexican is doing a great job, especially in the last race where he praised Perez's qualifying performance. 

Christian Horner on Sergio Perez's performances

Horner is pleased because Perez is becoming more confident day by day and is doing the things expected of him. Horner's statements are hard to interpret, as, at one moment, support for Perez can be felt, but in the next, it seems like Horner is warning Perez. It's not easy for Perez in such a situation, but he knows what the priority is at this moment: to give his best.

 The last time Perez raced in Japan, the situation wasn't so great. The Mexican had a disappointing race, and there were expectations that he might face the same fate this time. Perez didn't want to see the same scenario again, entering this race with maximum focus. 

In a media interview, Sergio spoke about how challenging this track is. Perez was under huge pressure, but this race could be a sign of brighter days ahead for him. Perez is a driver with top-notch qualities, but to show his abilities, he'll need to change his mindset. For now, things are going well for him. We hope it stays that way.

Despite Red Bull being at the center of a scandal involving Christian Horner, it seems that less attention is being drawn to Horner and conflicts within the team. For the leaders of this team, the primary focus is on Red Bull's results, with hopes of achieving success and winning the championship again this year. That is the most important thing for them.

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