Yuki Tsunoda's Impressive Form Earns Praise from Red Bull's Helmut Marko

"His lack of control on the radio is also gone. He’s really blossomed."- Marko said.

by Sead Dedovic
Yuki Tsunoda's Impressive Form Earns Praise from Red Bull's Helmut Marko
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Red Bull not only has great drivers in their main team but also in their secondary team, RB. Although their driver Max Verstappen dominates, and Sergio Perez also achieves great results mostly as the second behind Verstappen, Red Bull is still thinking about the future and monitoring the progress of their drivers in RB. 

Yuki Tsunoda, an RB driver, has impressed the Red Bull executives, especially the Red Bull advisor, Helmut Marko. Tsunoda is one of the drivers who has made a huge leap this season, and many assume that he will be part of the future of Red Bull's main team. Although he has often been criticized, Helmut Marko emphasized that what Tsunoda is doing is truly great. His consistency is the most important thing for the Red Bull advisor, who pointed out that Tsunoda doesn't make mistakes like before and has improved in many aspects.

“There are four races and Yuki has brought the car into Q3 three times. He is consistent and the mistakes are a thing of the past.

His lack of control on the radio is also gone. He’s really blossomed."- Marko told Sky Deutschland!

The Red Bull advisor, as someone who has been on the big stage for years, is aware that it's too early to make any predictions. Marko believes it's important to be patient in these moments and carefully monitor Tsunoda's progress. Marko warns fans of this team that it's still April and that there are many races ahead of us.

“But it’s April and we still have a lot of races left. We’ll look at the driver situation when the summer break comes.

We want to watch it closely and make the right decision. That will certainly take until the summer.”

Yuki Tsunoda and Helmut Marko
Yuki Tsunoda and Helmut Marko© Peter Fox/Getty Images Sport

Yuki Tsunoda is happy with his progress, aware that he has achieved significant things in this team this season. Finishing 10th in Japan after a fast pit stop, Yuki couldn't hide his excitement. Indicating that they had problems at the start, things looked quite different afterwards.

Explaining the race, Tsunoda mentioned struggles due to starting on medium tires while rivals were on softs, resulting in losing two positions. However, he regained those positions after a restart when he switched to soft tires.

Despite losing positions during the first pit stop, Tsunoda felt comfortable with his pace throughout the race. He expressed huge satisfaction with the team's performance, feeling as though his pit stops were executed perfectly like those performed by superheroes.

"I feel like Supermen were doing my pit stops, that was crazy. I was very happy.”- Tsunoda said.

Tsunoda expressed his joy to the media, stating that he feels amazing after finally scoring points following a two-year drought.

He credited the team for their excellent performance during pit stops, enabling him to re-enter the track ahead of the Aston Martin car. Tsunoda emphasized that without the team's ideal execution, scoring points wouldn't have been possible, admitting their crucial role in his success. Additionally, he expressed gratitude towards the Japanese fans for their tireless support, noting that he feels increasingly supported each year.

Tsunoda recognized the growing expectations placed upon him and emphasized the importance of consistently meeting them to maintain the positive course of his career.

Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda

His teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, struggles to be as impressive as Yuki Tsunoda, despite being a more experienced driver who is well-acquainted with the F1 scene. Ricciardo's performances make it difficult for him to earn the trust of Red Bull executives who are just focused on results, without any excuses. 

Tsunoda possesses a special mindset, despite being only 23 years old. When you are part of such a team and seeking an opportunity in the premier F1 team, you are aware that only excellent results are the way to fulfill your goal. Yuki intends to replicate the same in upcoming races, aware that it will be challenging. 

In a media interview, Tsunoda expressed hope for strong competition even with the top five teams. This young driver is content with the direction his team is heading, and there are clear indications that they could progress even further in the future. What is also interesting is the confidence everyone within the team possesses. 

This is one of the reasons why they are so impressive this season. Tsunoda aims to continue at the same pace and approach in the next race, aware that his future is uncertain.

It's hard to expect that Red Bull executives will give him a chance in the coming seasons, but we must not rule out any options. If Perez leaves the team at the end of the season, Red Bull will look for an alternative. Who that will be, we still don't know.

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