Carlos Sainz Discusses Future Plans Following Japanese GP

Carlos Sainz is happy with how he is performing this season

by Sead Dedovic
Carlos Sainz Discusses Future Plans Following Japanese GP
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Carlos Sainz still doesn't know what the future holds and what his plans are for next year. This brilliant Spaniard has shown this season that he will be a huge asset to any team. 

In a conversation with the media, talking about his future, Sainz emphasized that he still doesn't know where he will continue his career, considering that he is leaving Ferrari from the next season, and his place will be taken by Lewis Hamilton. 

His priority is to focus on this season and his progress. He is happy with how he is performing this season, aware that this season is an ideal opportunity to achieve a positive result. What is most important for him and the team's leaders is that Sainz is happy with the car he has, unlike the previous season.

“Honestly, unfortunately I have no clue where I’m going to be next year. It’s true that we are talking to many teams.

I just need to keep focus on what I’m doing and prove to myself and to everyone that when I’m given a fast car I am maximising what I’m given and I deliver. It has been a strong start to the season.

It is true that with this car you can shine a bit more. With last year’s car I did performances similar to this year but you couldn’t shine. It was a much more difficult car to drive, a lot more deg and in the races we were looking backwards.

This year we are looking forwards and overtaking and this allows you to shine a bit more. I’ll keep pushing.”-Carlos Sainz, as quoted by Crash!

Carlos Sainz has admitted that his future depends on other drivers as well as teams. The departure of one driver can create a domino effect and initiate a multitude of changes. The fact that Sainz is leaving could potentially alter many aspects of the future. 

The Spaniard has emphasized that it's crucial for him that teams are aware of his availability once this season concludes. 

Following his victory in Australia, he clinched another podium finish in Japan, this time finishing third. The 29-year-old driver believes he had a perfect race, understanding the challenges it presented. At times, things seemed a bit strange, and he couldn't grasp certain aspects, particularly regarding two-stop strategies. For him, the key was to remain calm and focused, ultimately achieving his goal. 

Performances like these are why Sainz is attracting interest from many teams. The two teams most commonly associated with him are Red Bull and Mercedes. It would be interesting if Sainz ended up in one of these two teams, especially the former. Currently, there are no known details, and the future will confirm Sainz's intentions.

Charles Leclerc on Suzuka race

His teammate was impressive as well, finishing in fourth place. While Leclerc may have hoped for more from himself, this result is still excellent for both him and the team.

After finishing fourth in Suzuka, Leclerc expressed delight with his performance, stressing that he and the team had done their best on the day. He noted the positives of their race, such as strong pace, effective tire management, and clear communication. 

Charles Leclerc
Charles Leclerc© Clive Mason/Getty Images Sport

However, he also admitted that he needs to address his qualifying struggles, which have persisted in the last two races. Despite usually being strong in qualifying, he found it difficult to get the most out of his tires during those sessions. Therefore, his main focus going forward is to improve his consistency in qualifying to secure he starts races from better grid positions.

Leclerc is hopeful that things will look quite different at the Chinese Grand Prix, aiming for a podium finish. The race is scheduled for April 21st, giving the Monegasque driver a chance to reflect on his strategy. He can take pride in the trust Ferrari's leaders have shown in him, recognizing the team's huge potential. 

At this moment, Ferrari appears to be the only team that can come close to matching Red Bull, if not this season, then possibly the next. Ferrari's leaders are optimistic that this team can stop Red Bull's dominance and lay the foundation for their future dominance. 

It must be admitted that they're performing well this season, although it will take a lot more effort and work to reach Red Bull's level. Leclerc is a driver with high expectations from the team leaders, who are confident in his abilities. On the other hand, Sainz may not have the same level of trust initially, but his results this season prove that he is indeed a brilliant driver.

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