Toto Wolff believes that no one can catch Max Verstappen this season

"No one is going to catch Max this year. His driving and the car are just spectacular."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Toto Wolff believes that no one can catch Max Verstappen this season
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Although some expected that after the last race in Australia, Red Bull could experience a decline, Max Verstappen proved otherwise. The brilliant Dutchman managed to achieve victory, his third of the season, thus confirming his dominance. Red Bull's serious ambitions were also demonstrated by Sergio Perez, who finished second. 

This season seems to be a replay of the previous one, considering what Verstappen is doing. The fact is that other teams fear Red Bull, as evidenced by Toto Wolff's statements, the Mercedes boss. He emphasized that no one will succeed in catching Max this year. His ambitions are for Mercedes to try to catch McLaren and Ferrari and to try to fight for P2.

"No one is going to catch Max this year. His driving and the car are just spectacular. You can see the way he manages the tyres and basically this season now is best of the rest.

That's the fact, that is all but hopefully we can catch up to the to the McLarens and to the Ferraris and fight for P2. This is what it is this year and what is was last year and we had a P2 last year."- Toto Wolff said, as quoted by ESPN!

Max Verstappen reacted to the statements made by Mercedes team principal, Wolff, in a media interview. Verstappen expressed satisfaction with such comments from the head of Mercedes. However, his intentions are not to create excessive euphoria, aware that there is still a long way to go until the end of the season. The beginning of the season is promising, suggesting that Red Bull could reclaim the throne. The F1 scene has often been unpredictable, and during the season, certain teams have experienced important downturns. Honestly speaking, it's difficult to expect that such a dominant Red Bull could experience the same, but let's wait for a few more races to draw a definitive conclusion.

"No, I don't know. It's still a very long season.

I don't want to think about the rest of the season too much. I really want to approach it race by race. I know there will be tracks coming up that might not be so favourable for us, but then, of course, when we do get to tracks where we know that we can be quick, we have to really take advantage of it and score the maximum amount of points as a team, and that's what we'll continue to try and do."- Verstappen said.

Max Verstappen at Suzuka 2024
Max Verstappen at Suzuka 2024© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

Verstappen confirmed that there will be tracks where Red Bull's dominance may not be expected, where they will have to give their maximum, and where other teams have a chance to leverage their strengths. In his words, caution can be felt. The Dutchman doesn't want to focus too much on the future, ready to take it one race at a time.

Toto Wolff and Mercedes' ambitions

Mercedes had much higher ambitions heading into the season, hoping to be at least the closest contender to Verstappen if not the winner. However, their performance at the beginning of the season was disappointing, and this trend continued in subsequent races. The question now arises: what can we expect from this team that we're used to seeing dominate? Things have changed, with Red Bull now aiming to replicate Mercedes' past successes. Wolff intends to stop Red Bull, aware that it will be a tough task.

Wolff expressed that while their ultimate aim is to compete for wins and championships, they currently find themselves in a challenging position, with Red Bull and Max Verstappen having a considerable advantage. Staring at other teams atop the podium isn't what they're accustomed to, but in recent seasons, they're aware that Red Bull is the dominant force, and they must adapt to this role. There's no doubt they're working tirelessly within the team to once again be the leading voice in Formula 1.

Wolff emphasized that, despite the ultimate goal being victory, they must recognize and address the current situation, where Red Bull's dominance presents an important hurdle to overcome.

The Lenovo Chinese GP will be the next opportunity for Mercedes and other teams to try to turn things in their favor. It will be an interesting race, with expectations that Red Bull could continue its dominance. Toto Wolff appears frustrated with the current situation, becoming less optimistic about Mercedes achieving its goals.

This will not only be a chance for Mercedes but also for other teams aiming to change the status quo. Ferrari has performed impressively this season and is one of the teams closest to Red Bull. McLaren has also been catching the eye of fans, along with Aston Martin. However, it's difficult to expect any of these teams to halt Red Bull's intentions.

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