Lewis Hamilton: I know exactly where the car is not strong enough

When asked if Mercedes now has a clearer direction, Hamilton indicated that he personally believes so

by Sead Dedovic
Lewis Hamilton: I know exactly where the car is not strong enough
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Lewis Hamilton has been trying week after week to understand where the weaknesses lie in the Mercedes car and what they need to work on. Despite his efforts, the Briton has failed to find an answer, frustrated and disappointed by the start of the season. However, after the best qualifying session of the season for him, Hamilton finished seventh. 

The 39-year-old driver emphasized that he had given his maximum effort. He also didn't forget his team, who had put in efforts to help him achieve such success. Hamilton hoped that this moment would come when his setup would be right, and when he would have a chance for a good result. Lewis confirmed that he now enjoys driving his car more.

"I was giving it everything. The team did a really great job this past week making adjustments to our set-up.

This is actually the first weekend I've not gone crazy with set-up and am not testing a bunch of things, so I'm back to a bit more normal. I think we've got the car into a much nicer working window and so it's been really enjoyable driving, it's just the guys are just a little bit faster."- Lewis Hamilton said, as quoted by Crash!

Hamilton analyzed the gap between Mercedes and Red Bull, underscoring a seven-tenths improvement from the previous year. He speculated that with minor adjustments, they could have further closed the gap. This understanding of the car's weaknesses will inform the team's focus areas for development.

At this moment, Mercedes is far behind Red Bull, but they intend to make changes to close the gap with their former rival. It's difficult to speak of a rivalry between these two teams now, given the current difference between Red Bull and Mercedes. However, there's no doubt that both teams will give their best, prepared to go all the way.

Red Bull's ambitions are notably higher, aiming for championship victory. On the other hand, Mercedes aims to finish among the top three teams. Judging by the start of the season, it will be a tough task, but there is no shortage of faith and optimism among the leadership of this team.

General, Hamilton expressed optimism about their race performance, hoping for a stronger showing based on the insights gained during qualifying. 

When asked if Mercedes now has a clearer direction, Hamilton indicated that he personally believes so. He explained that they've struggled with setup consistency from one track to another, often finding it challenging to optimize the car's performance. 

However, during the current weekend, they've managed to find a better setup, which he hopes will continue in future races. Their next goal is to improve the car's performance even more.

"I think what it's giving us is I know exactly where the car is not strong enough, I can feel it in the car, and I know now to be tell them to 'push in this particular area'. But I'm hoping the race will be stronger."

Lewis Hamilton
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Week after week, Wolff has emphasized the need for Mercedes to progress. It was challenging to anticipate such consistent struggles without finding solutions to their issues. At this point, patience is necessary to see what they can achieve in the main race. Qualifying sessions often deceive fans of this sport and don't necessarily reflect a team's success. However, without wanting to dampen the optimism of Mercedes fans, these are certainly positive signs that Mercedes may be heading in the right direction.

Toto Wolff is optimistic

Although Toto Wolff initially did not plan to attend the Japanese Grand Prix as announced, the Mercedes boss changed his decision. During a press conference, he mentioned that he hadn't intended to come due to prior commitments in Europe. However, aware of the potential consequences for his team and driven by his love for Mercedes, he ultimately decided to attend. Being part of the team, Wolff emphasizes, energizes him.

Wolff intends to be an important support for his drivers and the rest of the team, recognizing that his presence can influence team spirit and potentially lead to positive outcomes. He believes that Mercedes has the strength to bounce back into contention, citing their past successes, including eight consecutive championships. Periods of struggle are normal in every sport, including Formula 1.

As the team principal of Mercedes, Wolff understands the difficulty of achieving good results among strong competitors. Regardless, his persistence and determination surpass everything. He is confident that in the future, they will look back on this period, acknowledging the challenges but also recognizing that it made them a stronger team capable of competing for championships.

Tomorrow, we will have the opportunity to witness what Mercedes is capable of at this moment. It's expected that they will give their best, and we hope for an exciting race filled with brilliant moments. 

When Hamilton and Wolff are optimistic, fans can indeed look forward to a good race and the chance for Mercedes to turn their season around.

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