Will Verstappen Leave Red Bull? Fernando Alonso possible replacement?

Alonso believes that there is no chance of that happening (Verstappen's departure from RB) and while many point to him as a possible candidate for a place in the Austrian team, he assures that he is not too interested in those rumors

by Sededin Dedovic
Will Verstappen Leave Red Bull? Fernando Alonso possible replacement?
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Rumors about Max Verstappen's possible early departure from Red Bull have become an unavoidable topic in recent weeks. This continuing spectacle surrounding Verstappen's status in the Red Bull team became the main topic of discussion in the Formula 1 world after we all finally accepted the fact that Lewis Hamilton had moved to Ferrari.

However, it seems that deeper problems within the Red Bull team itself, which have come to the fore in recent months are hidden. The reason for this confusion at Red Bull lies in the internal conflict that has engulfed this Austrian team in recent months.

Not only have tensions within the team reached a peak, but there have also been indications of a possible distribution of forces within the team structure itself. Christian Horner, the longtime head of Red Bull Racing, is at the center of this internal conflict.

His misunderstandings with other key people within the team, such as sports advisor Helmut Marko, led to a certain split within the team itself. The recent revelation of a clause in Verstappen's contract allowing him to leave Red Bull early has further complicated the situation.

The fact that this clause was added in secret, without the knowledge of other team members, only worsened the already strained relations within the team. Additionally, Horner's recent visit to Dubai, where he met with Red Bull's largest shareholder, suggests that he is further invigorating to maintain his position within the team or even change the power dynamics within it.

Fernando Alonso, an experienced Spanish driver, made interesting comments on this topic. Alonso made it clear that he considers the chances of Verstappen's departure from Red Bull to be almost zero and that these are just unfounded journalistic assumptions.

Although many are speculating about the possibility that Alonso could be a replacement for Verstappen, he points out that those rumors are irrelevant to him. “If Max leaves Red Bull, he will have a big impact, but I don't think that will happen.

The possibilities are zero. So it's not something I think too much about," said the experienced Aston Martin driver.

Race winner, Max Verstappen of the Netherlands and Oracle Red Bull Racing and Third placed, Fernando Alonso of Spain and Aston M© Mark Thompson / Getty Images

The Spaniard is aware of the rumors linking him to Red Bull, but he continues to insist that he wants to concentrate on the race in Japan.

“I want to concentrate on my own things and this race before I make a decision whether to continue to compete or not and if I do continue to compete, what will be the best options. That stress exists. I know about the rumours, but I'm not too interested in them," added Fernando Alonso.

Many believe that Fernando Alonso could be the ideal candidate for that role. The Spaniard is very experienced and certainly won't make unprofessional statements, but several sources reported in the previous days that he could join the Austrian team in the place of champion Max Verstappen.

One of the key factors that could influence Verstappen's departure is the question of Perez's ability to take over the management of the team. Sergio Perez may not be fully ready to take on the role of the team's main driver.

That could create a void that would be difficult to fill, which could affect Verstappen's decision to stay or leave the team. However, if all the rumors are true, we would not be surprised if Verstappen leaves Red Bull regardless of everything, and Perez would need a strong partner so Alonso's experience could fill the gap.

Grand Prix of Japan

For the third year in a row, Verstappen arrives at Suzuka without a win in the previous race. In 2022 and 2023 he was far from winning in Singapore, while in this case he had to retire after four rounds in Australia.

“Last year we came here after a tough weekend in Singapore, it was strange. This year, I think if you look at the performance in Melbourne, we were fast, but we didn't finish the race, which is not ideal. We have a good car in the fast corners and I think we can show it this weekend," said Verstappen ahead of the Japanese GP.

“It's always terrible to abandon, and even more so when there is a fault in specification or construction. That's a little worse. We have to move on, learn from it and make sure it doesn't happen again" added Verstappen.

The Dutch driver had to leave the race in Melbourne, and if this disastrous Red Bull result were to be repeated in Suzuka, the saga of Verstappen's departure from the team would have another epilogue to consider.

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