Logan Sargeant will compete at GP Japan with Albon's repaired chassis

As the Formula 1 season continues its thrilling momentum, the spotlight now shifts to Suzuka, Japan, and the latest news says that American representative Logan Sargeant will compete with a repaired chassis

by Sededin Dedovic
Logan Sargeant will compete at GP Japan with Albon's repaired chassis
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After Ferrari's dominant double victory in Australia, driven by the outstanding Carlos Sainz, all eyes are on Formula 1's next stop: Japan. The same field that was the scene of Red Bull's defeat in Singapore last year, caused by the same driver – Carlos Sainz.

Will Max Verstappen be able to get revenge in the same way as last year? In Australia, Ferrari sparkled all weekend, especially during the race itself, where their SF-24 showed superiority in handling the softest Pirelli tires that often showed a tendency to peel at Albert Park.

Ferrari dominated first and second place. But the atmosphere will be completely different in Japan. Pirelli brings three of the hardest tire compounds for the extremely demanding Suzuka, similar to what they brought at the start of the season in Bahrain.

This time, Japan is running in the spring, which is unusual because usually the race falls in the autumn months. Temperatures are expected to be relatively low, oscillating between 8 and 15 degrees Celsius, which is significantly lower than when the race is traditionally held in the fall.

Suzuka is known for its extremely abrasive surface. Given the large number of medium-speed and high-speed corners, often coming in a row such as those in the first sector of the track, tire wear is among the highest on the entire calendar, while brake wear is among the lowest at the same time.

Teams will need to prepare well for this challenging competition, especially taking into account the changing weather conditions and track features. Given these track specifics, strategy will be key. Logan Sargeant will use team-mate Alexander Albon's repaired chassis after Williams managed to repair damage from the previous race weekend in Australia, but the spare chassis will not be ready until Miami so the American driver was originally not scheduled to take part in the Japanese Grand Prix even though his car is fully correct.

Logan Sargeant of United States and Williams and Alexander Albon of Thailand and Williams entertain the crowd on the fan stage p© Peter Fox / Getty Images

Albon badly wrecked his FW45 in the first practice session in Melbourne, and since they didn't have time to fix the chassis until the rest of the weekend and didn't have a spare, the team decided to give Sargeant's car to Albon.

The Williams team faced the challenge of repairing Albon's chassis in the limited time frame between the Australian and Japanese races. Such a task would not be easy even for the most experienced engineers and technicians, but the team managed to cope with the challenge.

After intense efforts and hard work, the chassis was returned to usable condition and Albon's repaired chassis will be used by Sargeant. "It's about a repaired chassis because the job of replacing the car would be too much for the mechanics.

The chassis repair went better than expected so everything should be perfectly normal as far as I know," said the American at Suzuki. Sargeant showed maturity and team spirit when it was needed. His willingness to adapt to the situation and support his team showed that he has matured and understands the situation realistically.

When asked how he felt after he had to give up his car to Albon even though he did nothing wrong, Sargeant says he understands the team's decision.

Logan Sargeant© Mark Thompson / Getty Images

“I understand the statistics behind it, but at the same time, of course, I wanted to drive.

I just felt like I had a good Friday. I really wanted to keep going and I felt like I was in a good place, I feel like I've been in a good place since the start of the year to be honest, so I'm pretty comfortable where I'm at.

When I left Melbourne I didn't really think about it, I just went for a week, tried to stay in my own little world away from racing and I feel good” As he prepared for the race in Japan, Sargeant stayed focused on his goal and avoided the distractions of the past.

Last year, Sargeant had an incident in Q1 at Suzuka which forced the team to use a new chassis, and in the race both drivers had separate incidents with Bottas which forced them to retire. This promising young driver began his karting career at the age of eight and quickly showed talent, winning the Karting Federation Junior Championship in 2015.

He was the first American to win the FIA karting championship since 1978. After finishing fourth in Formula 2 in 2022, he got a contract with the Williams racing team and thus became the first American in 8 years to compete in Formula 1 and his best career result was tenth place in his home country USA.