Max Verstappen Advocates for Key Red Bull Figure to Stay in the Team

Verstappen emphasizes the importance of certain figures within the team

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen Advocates for Key Red Bull Figure to Stay in the Team
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This week's Japanese GP could bring a lot of excitement, given that the last race brought a surprise. Max Verstappen had to retire from the race early, while Carlos Sainz managed to secure victory. 

In recent weeks, there has been increasing talk about potential names that could leave teams in the coming seasons and go elsewhere. It's not just drivers, but also team leaders and important figures within the teams. 

One of them is Adrian Newey, chief technical officer of the Red Bull Racing F1 team. 

According to rumors, Aston Martin is interested in Newey and believes he would be a great addition to their team. 

Red Bull drivers have a high opinion of Newey, and they find it hard to imagine the team without him. Max Verstappen, in particular, highlighted in media interviews that he wants Newey to remain part of the team. The Dutchman hopes that Newey will not leave Red Bull, as he is an important figure in the team and someone who gives strength to everyone within the team. 

Without Newey, it would not be possible to create such a strong Red Bull.

"We have a lot of people working on the car right, so it's a whole team effort that has to come together.

Everyone's ideas get taken into account and you build the car that we have today, so yeah for sure, having someone part of the team like Adrian, I think it's a massive boost for everyone and many people work together to achieve the car we have today."- Max Verstappen said, as quoted by MIRROR!

Adrian Newey and Max Verstappen
Adrian Newey and Max Verstappen© Clive Mason / Getty Images Sport

Red Bull fans are hoping that the team won't fall apart, especially since several key personnel are leaving at the end of the season. Chief mechanic Lee Stevenson is one of those departing the team, while perhaps the biggest surprise is the departure of Max Verstappen's personal trainer, Bradley Scanes. In media interviews, Scanes emphasized that leaving such a team is a difficult moment, but he is aware that such moments are common in the F1 scene. 

He particularly expressed sadness at having to part ways with the great Verstappen, a driver who has defined the Red Bull era and is expected to continue in the same vein in the future. He reflected on the moments he spent with Max and his father, highlighting that leaving Red Bull feels like a breakup.

"For me it was beautiful - I really was part of the family.

I'd get invited to birthdays and stuff, if I was in Monaco I'd be round his or I'd go out for dinner with his manager, a beer with his dad. I think that was probably the hardest thing about leaving, having that initial conversation with them was like a break-up, it really was. The nerves and the hesitancy before that chat was hard."- he continued.

Scanes is delighted with Verstappen and his mentality. The Dutchman is someone who always expects more from himself, even when he's dominant compared to other drivers. Having such individuals on the team is certainly a key step to success. When individuals have a drive to progress, refine themselves, and love the team, great results are to be expected. Red Bull executives had patience, they worked step by step, and now the results of their hard work are coming.

Max Verstappen reflects on the last race and is confident about Suzuka

Verstappen reflected on the unfortunate outcome of the last race in Melbourne, stressing that such incidents are part of racing. However, he emphasized the amazing achievement of securing nine consecutive race wins, emphasizing the team's resilience and performance.

Expressing confidence for the upcoming race at Suzuka, Verstappen mentioned the iconic nature of the circuit and its challenging features, including high-speed corners and tire degradation. He emphasized the team's focus on optimizing performance, particularly given the forecasted rain.

Verstappen anticipates returning to the track and is determined to compete for victory this weekend.

The last race wasn't ideal for him, but it was to be expected that the Dutchman would occasionally face failure, considering the dominance he has had for over a year now. It's hard to say he's happy after the last race, but he's also aware that such moments are common.

Verstappen and the Red Bull executives don't want to be disappointed after everything, knowing that the next race is an ideal opportunity for progress and advancement. Experts and fans of this sport believe that Red Bull will show in this race that they are still the main contender for the championship, but it's still too early to draw conclusions.

We hope that Verstappen and Perez can provide excitement for us, not just them, but also all the drivers on the F1 tracks.

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