Toto Wolff: Masi is a totally unimportant person, a completely pathological egomaniac

"When I think about it again, it's so unfair what happened to Lewis and the team that day."

by Sead Dedovic
Toto Wolff: Masi is a totally unimportant person, a completely pathological egomaniac
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Abu Dhabi 2021 left a huge mark on Toto Wolff and his team. Lewis Hamilton was close to winning another championship until the incident involving Nicolas Latifi influenced the appearance of the safety car. Verstappen seized the moment by changing tires. The most controversy was caused by Michael Masi, the race director, allowing the cars between Hamilton and Verstappen to un-lap themselves, after which we had the opportunity to witness the ending that is still talked about today. 

The Dutchman won the championship then, which was the first step towards his domination in the following years. Toto Wolff didn't hide how disappointed he was with Masi's decisions, aware of the damage Masi brought to his team. In the recently published book 'The Formula' by Joshua Robinson, Wolff's dissatisfaction could be felt. He still has trouble accepting what happened three years ago.

"When I think about it again, it's so unfair what happened to Lewis and the team that day. And that one individual didn't follow the rules and just let it happen,"- Toto Wolff said, as quoted by News Week.

Michael Masi
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Toto Wolff went a step further by pointing out that Masi is a totally unimportant person. The Mercedes team principal was shocked by Masi's decision, unable to understand to this day why Masi caused such damage to Mercedes.

"He's a totally unimportant person: he lives on the other side of the world and no one is interested in him. He really was a completely pathological egomaniac."- he continued.

Lewis Hamilton on the race in Abu Dhabi

Lewis Hamilton also stated in an interview with GQ that he is certain that he was robbed three years ago. The Briton is aware that life is challenging, noting that sometimes such situations are common. It is not easy to accept the fact that you are so close to winning the championship, and then such an unpredictable thing happens to you. However, it can sometimes be a huge motivation for you to continue even stronger. For him, the support of his father, who was with him, was crucial. Everything that happened did not prevent him from congratulating Max on his victory. He wanted to show that he still respects his colleagues.

"Was I robbed? Obviously. But I think what was really beautiful in that moment, which I take away from it, was my dad was with me. And we'd gone through this huge roller coaster of life together, ups and downs.

And the day that it hurt the most, he was there, and the way he raised me was to always stand up, keep your head high. And I obviously went to congratulate Max, and not realizing the impact that that would have, but also I was really conscious of, like, there's a mini-me watching."- Hamilton continued.

Lewis Hamilton
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Hamilton pointed out that it was the defining moment of his life. That's what he thought then, and he still thinks so now. He knew that the last parts of the race would be decisive. 

Since then, the Briton hasn't had much luck on the F1 scene. It was obvious that the Briton's performances were worse from week to week, which was probably the main motive for him to continue his adventure in Ferrari next season. 

The Mercedes team is struggling this season as well, just like the previous ones, but they still can't find a solution to their problems. The Briton cannot be happy with the current form and performance in Mercedes, considering that it is far from his ambitions.

The Briton confirmed that when he watches the race clip, memories of that day come back to him, where everything could have looked different. On the other hand, the Briton confirmed that he is at peace when it comes to that race, aware that he cannot change much. It seems that precisely that moment, as we have already said, was a turning point for the Briton's career, considering that Mercedes had huge problems after Abu Dhabi regarding the next season, but also the one after it.

For years, Lewis Hamilton has been leading the way on the F1 scene, expecting to continue with that dominance. However, every athlete's career is such that at some point, new faces emerge who are truly brilliant at what they do and motivated to dethrone you. Max Verstappen was one of those. It turned out that Hamilton was fighting with one of the best drivers in the history of this sport. Verstappen's results after Abu Dhabi speak volumes about him being one of the best we've had the opportunity to watch on the F1 tracks.

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