Wolff: Hamilton Could Be Super Frustrated, Especially When Looking Over the Fence

"He's in a situation obviously where, on one side, it's super frustrating to see that we are not getting it."

by Sead Dedovic
Wolff: Hamilton Could Be Super Frustrated, Especially When Looking Over the Fence
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Toto Wolff spoke to the media about the disappointing start for Mercedes, which has shown absolutely nothing in the first three races of the season. Lewis Hamilton and George Russell are likely frustrated with what they have at their disposal, but their dissatisfaction must not be evident in their statements. 

Both drivers emphasize that they are optimistic about the continuation of the season, ready to give their maximum and help Mercedes. 

Toto Wolff, Mercedes team principal, cannot be happy with what his team has shown. On the other hand, he points out that Lewis Hamilton is as good as the current car can provide. Wolff is frustrated with the situation, but aware that other teams are progressing day by day, especially Ferrari, where Hamilton will continue his career. He hasn't forgotten to mention Russell, who is fighting race after race, but without success.

"I think the drivers are super in this whole setup because Lewis is as good as you can be," said Wolff, as quoted by Motorsport!

"He's in a situation obviously where, on one side, it's super frustrating to see that we are not getting it. On the other side, look over the fence. It's pretty good what's happening there. But that is not his main priority today.

George is just a fighter and he's sticking in, and he knows that's his place. So, we've got to sort this out."

Wolff is a person with extensive experience, and he believes it is essential to first look at oneself, one's mistakes, and understand what they need to work on the most. Given that this team once led the way, it is difficult for them to get used to a situation where their rivals are dominant while they lag behind. Wolff emphasizes that the people within this team are just humans and they must work hard. Wolff wants to change things within the team and expects Mercedes to make a breakthrough.

"You always need to look at us like I need to look at myself. What is it? Why is it that we can't get there?

We're humans. The data doesn't take decisions. Humans do. So, we're not stopping. I'm not sitting here and dwelling. But on the contrary, I'm thinking of what else is it that we need to do and how can we push."

Wolff pointed out that Austrians often express themselves directly and openly, whereas others might express the same sentiment differently. For example, instead of saying something negative, like "That's really bad," he might rephrase it in a more neutral or positive way, like "That's interesting."

He emphasized the importance of adapting his communication style to prevent adding more pressure to the team, as their goal is to stay focused and not let external factors affect their performance.

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff© Clive Mason / Getty Images Sport

It's hard not to feel pressure when things aren't going well for you, but it's precisely these moments that can strengthen you and give you more stability. Mercedes is a team that boasts the experienced Hamilton, a person who knows how to adapt and whose experience could be crucial in the upcoming period. Besides him, there's also George Russell, who is already a mature driver ready to step up. The two of them symbolize a great combination, but we'll only have the opportunity to watch them together for this season.

Lewis Hamilton and his goals

Lewis Hamilton will turn a new leaf in his career from next season, by joining Ferrari. The Italian team is doing a much better job than Mercedes this season, which gives Hamilton encouragement that if this season ends disappointingly, the next could be a completely different story.

In his interviews, the Brit emphasized that at no point this season did he think about the next season. Hamilton is still part of Mercedes, and therefore wants to help this team achieve its goals when it comes to 2024. His focus will shift to Ferrari only when this season ends after he changes the colors of his team.

It will be interesting to follow his development, considering that the Briton is 39 years old, and the question is how much he can give in the rest of his career.

Red Bull is still leading the charge, so this team could repeat the identical success from last season. The race in Australia created doubts for some when it comes to the superiority of this team, but experts and fans are not sure the last race can spoil Red Bull's plans.

One bad race can happen to anyone, including the Austrian team. Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez are fearmongering on F1 tracks, so we can expect superior performances from Red Bull.