Sergio Perez could stay at Red Bull if Max Verstappen leaves the team?!

Sergio Perez is perhaps in the toughest situation, aware that he must give 100% of himself this season to remain part of this team

by Sead Dedovic
Sergio Perez could stay at Red Bull if Max Verstappen leaves the team?!
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Lately, there has been increasing talk about the future of Red Bull and potential outcomes in the future. This story doesn't just apply to Red Bull but also to Mercedes and other teams. We are aware that the departure of one driver sets off a domino effect and many things change on the F1 scene. However, what will happen if Verstappen leaves Red Bull and tries to find happiness elsewhere? 

This was discussed by L'Equipe journalist, Fred Ferret. He emphasized that Verstappen's departure from Red Bull could mean Sergio Perez staying in this team, which seemed like an unrealistic option. The Mexican didn't impress last season, but this season he appears much better. Nevertheless, many do not predict his stay at Red Bull, considering that the leaders of this team want to have a driver who will dominate in the long run.

“Put Max in the equation,” L’Equipe journalist Fred Ferret said, as quoted by!

“He may have to leave, at one point.

If he leaves Red Bull, things are very different.

Then, I would say, that Checo's seat is saved because you need someone with the legacy of driving the old cars.

This is something you need in your mind for 2025 and later.”

Natalie Pinkham had a slightly different reaction, not expecting Max Verstappen to leave the team in 2025. However, in 2026, Pinkham considers that there are real chances for such an outcome, considering the engine change. Pinkham emphasizes that she still doesn't know how things will unfold in the upcoming period, but believes that perhaps Verstappen might know which direction Red Bull will be developing. She thinks that it would be staggering to leave such a team and such a car in 2025.

Natalie Pinkham
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Fred Ferret was somewhat surprised and asked Pinkham if she could have expected Lewis Hamilton to leave Mercedes for Ferrari, suggesting that anything is possible in the F1 scene. Pinkham believes that comparing those two situations is difficult, considering Verstappen's car and Hamilton's, which is far from competitive. She thinks it's hard to compare those two teams; Ferrari and Red Bull. The fact that the Dutchman has a chance to win a fourth and fifth title is a reason why he might stay in this team.

Red Bull's executives would indeed be disappointed if Max left this team, having all the conditions to further develop and win several more championships. On the other hand, in sports, you have those people who always seek a new challenge and like to engage in risky ventures. Verstappen is one of those. Although it's great to dominate with one team, proving yourself in another team is a dream for some drivers. We don't know if Verstappen thinks that way, but that could be the reason for his potential departure in the future.

Max's father, Jos, emphasized a few weeks ago that Christian Horner must leave the team, considering the scandal that arose around his case. The focus was on Verstappen and the races suddenly shifted to the Red Bull team principal. Ferret is one of those who believes that Max could decide to leave Red Bull, given the situation regarding Jos and Helmut Marko. He pointed out that it's a possibility, but it's really difficult to determine what will happen in the coming weeks.

Sergio Perez and his future

Sergio Perez is perhaps in the toughest situation, aware that he must give 100% of himself this season to remain part of this team. The Mexican is under enormous pressure, especially considering the statements from Marko and Horner. Helmut emphasized that this is Perez's last chance to prove himself.

Perez can handle pressure well, but if his car is not competitive throughout the season, it's hard to expect him to compete with the best. He faces a huge challenge ahead, but everything is possible.

Pinkham explained that Perez is performing well, consistently finishing in second place in the first two grands prix. She saw a change in his mindset compared to last year, suggesting that his win in Saudi Arabia last year gave him confidence that a title challenge was possible. 

Pinkham highlighted Perez's strength on street circuits but stressed that he faced setbacks when competing against Verstappen. She suggested that if Perez approaches this season with a different mentality, he may perform even better, potentially relaxing and 
reducing the pressure on himself. Overall, Pinkham stated that Perez is currently meeting expectations and doing enough for the team.

We will see if he can continue like this throughout the season, considering that last season he was equally good in the beginning, but later things became different.

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