Guenther Steiner: I realize now that I stayed at Haas for too long

“These last few weeks are the first time I’ve switched off from F1 for around a decade. This time has been good for me."

by Sead Dedovic
Guenther Steiner: I realize now that I stayed at Haas for too long
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Guenther Steiner spoke to the media about the Haas team and the fact that he stayed with this team for too long. Steiner left the team before the start of this season, surprising everyone. 

Many expected Steiner to stay with the team for many more years and help them achieve their goals. In an interview with F1, Steiner reflected on his experience after leaving the Haas team. Steiner confirmed that he feels great after leaving the team. He confirmed that he missed the break and enjoys these moments. 

Leaving this team also brought him clarity in thinking, realizing that he stayed within the team for too long. Steiner is a person of a winning spirit and someone who always strives to be at the top. He no longer wants to be the person who will fight with his team for the midfield. His ambitions are much higher, namely to fight for the top spot!

“Life has been good since I left Haas ahead of this season,” -Steiner wrote for!

“These last few weeks are the first time I’ve switched off from F1 for around a decade. This time has been good for me.

The longer time goes on, the more I can see that I stayed at Haas too long."

Guenther Steiner
Guenther Steiner© Dan Istitene / Getty Images Sport

"When you step away, you get clarity – and you can see what you need to do. While you’re there, you’re in denial, you think you can do it but you cannot.

When I was there, with what we had, you could still fight for being seventh, eighth or ninth – but you couldn’t fight for podiums without the same weapons as the other guys.

Doing that in the long-term is not what I want to do in life. I don’t want to be seventh again. I’ve done that. I want to be able to fight, to battle at the front."

Steiner reflected on the career of Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff, emphasizing that Mercedes wasn't dominant when Wolff began his adventure with Mercedes. Steiner points out that patience and a certain amount of time are necessary for every success. With patience and time, success is possible. 

Steiner believes the same situation applies to Red Bull. They weren't competitive right from the start, but now they are a team that everyone fears and has been dominating for several seasons, especially the last and current ones. Guenther emphasizes that Red Bull progresses from year to year, unlike some other teams. He has stated that he is ready to return to F1 if he sees himself in a specific project. Steiner will have to carefully consider his future and the offers he will have on the table.

Guenther Steiner on a potential future in the Red Bull team

Considering the rumors that Christian Horner could leave Red Bull in the future and seek happiness elsewhere, Guenther Steiner has decided to respond to the rumors that he could be the right person to replace Horner. The former Haas team principal laughed and emphasized that he does not believe Red Bull is searching for a new team principal. 

He was surprised by such rumors, as it seemed difficult for him to imagine such a scenario. Steiner had the opportunity to be part of this team from 2005 to 2008 and collaborate with Horner

Christian Horner and Helmut Marko
Christian Horner and Helmut Marko© Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

Guenther is someone who does not want to rush with his decisions, and this period of rest will be good for him to think about his future and the options he will have. 

He confirmed that he is not involved in the operations of the Haas team. Additionally, Steiner emphasized that he often receives calls from certain people but has no intention of making hasty decisions that could cost him. His experience in the Haas team probably taught him that it is important to carefully consider his decisions.

Kevin Magnussen on Ayao Komatsu and Guenther Steiner

Ayao Komatsu succeeded Steiner as the team principal of the Haas team. Judging by the reactions of the team's drivers and other individuals close to the team, Komatsu has proven to be an excellent fit for the job. Kevin Magnussen, one of the drivers, drew a comparison between Steiner and Komatsu, emphasizing that Steiner should not be compared to the new team principal because that is in the past. 

Magnussen prioritized focusing on the future, with ambitions for a healthier team environment. The Haas team, strive to stay motivated and believe that the future can write better stories for them. Magnussen sees Komatsu's arrival as a fresh start and an opportunity for progress.