Guenther Steiner Predicts Max Verstappen's Future Team If He Leaves Red Bull Racing

“So I think, getting out of the contract would be not easy for him but, in the end, we don’t have insight to the contract."

by Sead Dedovic
Guenther Steiner Predicts Max Verstappen's Future Team If He Leaves Red Bull Racing
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There is increasing talk that Max Verstappen could leave Red Bull despite his excellent performance in this team. The Dutchman could win the championship this season, although it's too early to say. However, some believe that Verstappen is hungry for a new challenge and could change teams. Guenther Steiner is one of those who has made predictions about his career, believing that the tense situation within Red Bull has eased.

I think it has calmed down lately, what is going on there,” Steiner told Sky Sports, as quoted by Planet F1!

“So I think, getting out of the contract would be not easy for him but, in the end, we don’t have insight to the contract."

Steiner believes that the best option for Verstappen is to stay at Red Bull, considering this team can provide him with everything he needs to win the championship again. The brilliant Dutchman is on track to repeat the same success, although the last race in Australia has changed the opinion of some. However, one race doesn't necessarily mean anything, as Verstappen previously achieved two victories, and a DNF shouldn't undo what Max has already accomplished in the first two races.

Steiner reflected on the successes Verstappen has achieved with this team, believing that Max will remain with the team.

But I think it’s also a good team to be at, at this moment, so I think in Max’s own interest, I think he likes the car there, he likes the team, so if there is not anything really disturbing him personally, I think he doesn’t really want to move.

You know, he’s won so much with the team, the team gave him the opportunity in the beginning to get into Formula 1, so I think if they get the personal relationships going again, he will be staying.”

Steiner believes that Verstappen has numerous offers from other teams, but the only two places he can see him are Red Bull and Aston Martin. Those are the two teams where Verstappen would have the best prospects. 

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However, Steiner is convinced that the only team Verstappen could go to if he leaves Red Bull is Mercedes. It's interesting to imagine the reactions that would follow his departure to a rival team. 

It's hard to say that Mercedes is more of a rival to Red Bull, given their performances this and the previous season, but the rivalry that existed is certainly a reason for Red Bull fans to be upset with the Dutchman. Nevertheless, these are just rumors for now.

Toto Wolff pointed out a few days ago that Verstappen is the first option for Mercedes

What surprised many is that Wolff confirmed that the first option after Lewis Hamilton leaves is Max Verstappen. The Mercedes team principal is well aware of the qualities of the Dutchman and knows what he would mean for this team. This season, Verstappen is leading the way, which gives Mercedes leaders additional motivation to try to hire him. In addition, Mercedes has been failing to achieve its goals for two seasons now, and they need someone who can compete for the top spot. Verstappen would certainly succeed in that.

The Mercedes boss is facing huge issues with the car, and the Mercedes drivers cannot be competitive in the current car. Wolff considers Verstappen an extraordinary driver, but he emphasizes that with the current car, hardly anyone could achieve a better result than Hamilton and Russell. For him, the priority is to provide the Dutchman with a car that can compete at the top. Wolff hopes that his team can raise its performance level, with ambitions to at least be among the top 3 teams.

Max Verstappen's father could influence the decision of the 26-year-old driver

Red Bull leaders hope that Max will remain part of the team in the coming seasons, given that he is tied to a contract until 2028. Recent conflicts within the team and the Christian Horner case have fueled rumors that he could leave the team, as we have already mentioned. Max's father, Jos, is particularly angry with the Red Bull leaders because the focus has shifted to the Christian Horner scandal rather than on Verstappen and Perez, and their performances on F1 tracks. 

Jos and Max Verstappen
Jos and Max Verstappen© Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

Perhaps Max's father will be the reason why the Dutchman decides to leave the team and seek happiness elsewhere. If the choice falls on Mercedes, we can't even imagine the reactions that will follow. It will be interesting to follow the situation in the F1 world in the coming months, as we may witness many surprises.

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