Martin Brundle Reveals Max Verstappen's Potential Retirement Timeline

“Despite his incredible run of successes Verstappen was initially very angry that his car had failed,” Brundle wrote.

by Sead Dedovic
Martin Brundle Reveals Max Verstappen's Potential Retirement Timeline
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After experiencing his first DNF in a long time, Max Verstappen was visibly frustrated and expressed his dissatisfaction by saying that 'something was stupid' addressing one of the crew members. His reaction is considered reasonable by many, given that nobody is satisfied after a DNF. Verstappen immediately showed his strength at the start of the season by winning the first two races. However, the race in Australia was not the ideal for him. Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, defended Verstappen, considering it a natural reaction for a driver after such an happening. Red Bull executives don't want to be particularly disappointed, after all, considering that such things are quite common.

“I think he's been very gracious with the team and all of the mechanics. It hurts everybody in the same way. It's a matter of learning from it. We've had two years with no mechanical DNFs which has been remarkable.”- Christian Horner said, as reported by!

Sky Sports pundit Martin Brundle commented on Max Verstappen and his frustrations after the DNF in his column. Brundle does not blame Verstappen for such a reaction, aware that it only shows the Dutchman's passion and desire.

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Brundle points out that as long as Verstappen has such reactions, it is a sign that he wants to succeed on the big stage. In moments when his reactions are not so passionate, Brundle believes that Verstappen will retire.

“Despite his incredible run of successes Verstappen was initially very angry that his car had failed,” Brundle wrote.

“When the adrenaline washes away he has become good at managing these moods now, but if he ever loses that fiery passion in the heat of the moment you'll know he is getting ready to retire.”

Ferrari took advantage of Red Bull's slightly worse performance, winning the race, and it is also impressive that the other Ferrari driver, Charles Leclerc, finished second. Brundle is not particularly sure that Ferrari would have won if Verstappen had stayed in the race. He also referred to Sergio Perez, whom he believes was not particularly lucky when it came to this race. Martin is still not sure what would have happened if the Dutchman had stayed in the race, but his feeling is that Ferrari had its day. It will be interesting to see if they can repeat the same success for the rest of the season.

“The big question is whether Ferrari would have beaten Red Bull anyway. Sainz had already overtaken Verstappen but the RB20 was ailing.

Sergio Perez in the second Red Bull would only finish fifth, some half-minute behind, before the virtual safety car intervened on the last lap, but he apparently had some aerodynamic damage having earlier shown very good pace.

McLaren kept Ferrari remarkably honest with their race pace suggesting Verstappen would have been right in there.

We'll never know the answer to the question of course, but my gut feeling all the way through was that it was Ferrari's day.”

What can we expect in the rest of the season?!

Fans of F1 also have divided opinions regarding this race. Some believe this could indicate a downturn for Red Bull, while the majority hold a different view, believing this is just a bad day for the Austrian team. Red Bull's executives also didn't seem particularly concerned at the end of the race, aware that these are common occurrences in this sport. After all the successes, no one can blame either the leaders of this team or the drivers.

Max Verstappen hopes the upcoming races will show something entirely different, aiming for his domination to continue throughout the season. Red Bull still holds the lead. However, things can change quickly, so it's necessary to be cautious, focused, and fiercely continue the season.

Brundle seems happy that Ferrari managed to win, hoping that F1 can be more competitive this season. He pointed out that Carlos Sainz is the hero of the day after all. The fact that the Spaniard had appendicitis surgery two weeks before the race and managed to come back is really impressive.

Carlos Sainz
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In an interview with the media, Sainz emphasized that he had a degree of fear as to whether he would be fully recovered by the Australian GP. However, a few days before the race, he felt good, and positive that he could make a great result. The 29-year-old driver was lucky, he used his chance and hinted at even better days for Ferrari.

We will find out more in the coming weeks. Red Bull wants to recover from this result and re-establish dominance.

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