Christian Horner Confirms Red Bull's Interest in Carlos Sainz

"You've had a very fast, unemployed driver win today’s race. So the market is reasonably fluid with certain drivers."- he said.

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner Confirms Red Bull's Interest in Carlos Sainz
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Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz impressed everyone at the Australian GP. Few expected the Spaniard to be the race winner. All focus was on Max Verstappen, who had to retire from the race earlier due to brake issues. The fact that Sainz is leaving Ferrari at the end of the season has sparked various rumors about his future. F1 fans believe Ferrari made a big mistake in letting go of such a driver easily. Now teams like Red Bull are waiting for their chance and carefully monitoring his performances. 

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner discussed who could be Max Verstappen's partner in the future after the last race. The option of Sergio Perez remaining with the team is not ruled out, but it doesn't seem particularly realistic at this point. Horner confirmed that the primary goal is to have a duo that can achieve great things together.

"I think we want to field the best pairing that we can in Red Bull Racing and sometimes you've got to look outside the pool as well," Horner said, as quoted by Motorsport

Horner also referred to Sainz's great performance, which will surely deepen the interest of the Red Bull boss. Sainz surprised and impressed everyone with his performance. Horner indirectly confirmed that he will follow his performances and carefully analyze them.

"You've had a very fast, unemployed driver win today’s race. So the market is reasonably fluid with certain drivers."- he continued.

The 29-year-old Spaniard was part of the Red Bull team before, until 2017. Christian Horner reacted to the reporter's question about whether he would consider Sainz as an option for the future.

Carlos Sainz at Toro Rosso
Carlos Sainz at Toro Rosso© Peter Fox/Getty Images Sport

The Red Bull team principal is aware of how many interesting names are on the F1 scene at the moment, and they do not want to make hasty decisions. One race is certainly not an indicator of Sainz's quality, but even a bad race cannot be an indicator that Carlos is a low-quality driver.

"Look, based on a performance like that you couldn't rule any possibility out, so I think you just want to take the time [to decide]."

Sergio Perez's form this season is also promising, and there is an option for the Mexican to remain part of the team. The fact that Sainz is the only driver who has managed to beat Red Bull in the past year has certainly sparked the imagination of the team's leaders and created question marks above their heads. The Spaniard intends to prove himself at Ferrari, probably frustrated by how easily they let him go.

"Obviously, Checo was compromised today. He's had a great start to the season too, so we're not in any desperate rush.Carlos is the only driver that's beaten Red Bull in the last [year], so he appears to be our nemesis."- Horner continued.

Carlos Sainz on the race

Carlos Sainz highlighted after the race that he is happy with his performance, probably not expecting such a brilliant performance. Many believed that Red Bull would once again dominate, but then came the brilliant Spaniard who convinced fans of this sport otherwise. 

Two weeks ago, the Spaniard underwent surgery for appendicitis, but the recovery didn't last long. Sainz was already mentally prepared for this race, ready to show his best. 

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz© Peter Fox/Getty Images Sport

When asked by reporters whether this performance raised his value, the 29-year-old driver emphasized that he wasn't sure about that. For him, the most important thing was that he had a positive experience in Melbourne.

Sainz also discussed the challenges during this season, which has only just begun. Since his contract wasn't extended, the Spaniard couldn't enter the season with a completely clear mind, but he felt good, ready to achieve a good result. The Bahrain race where he was on the podium was a good indication for this season. 

However, Sainz didn't compete in Jeddah and had surgery. Being in bed and contemplating his future isn't an easy thing. Regardless, then you come back and achieve victory! That was a true indicator of Sainz's mental strength and desire for success. Sainz emphasized that this season is currently a rollercoaster, but his intention is to enjoy the moment and continue at the same pace.

Ferrari is a team that intends to achieve great results going forward. They seem to be one of those teams that can at least roughly match what Red Bull offers. An interesting season awaits us, with hopes of seeing great performances from other drivers as well. What everyone certainly wants is a more competitive F1.

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