Wolff Expresses Frustration after Australian GP: I Want to Punch Myself on the Nose

The Mercedes boss cited several examples of teams that have turned things around this season

by Sead Dedovic
Wolff Expresses Frustration after Australian GP: I Want to Punch Myself on the Nose
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Toto Wolff couldn't have been satisfied after the last race, given the fact that both Mercedes drivers retired from the Australian GP. Although he emphasizes from race to race that their team strives for progress, it's hard to feel any progress within Mercedes. Wolff admitted after the race that he wasn't optimistic about this race, but he hoped again that things could get better.

“I would be lying if I would say at any moment I feel positive about the situation and optimistic. But you just need to overcome the negative thoughts and say 'we will turn this around'. Today it feels very, very brutal.”- Wolff said, as quoted by formula1!

Considering the disappointing previous season, fans and leaders of this team had high expectations for the current one. It seemed that things couldn't be worse than last season. Wolff confirmed that they entered this season optimistically, believing that the current car is better than the previous one. The Mercedes boss cited several examples of teams that have turned things around this season, working hard between seasons. Wolff points out that their excellent results are proof that any team can make a turnaround. However, the situation is not promising at all.

“We started this season in the belief that this car is better than it was last year. Then you look at last year [in Australia] where [Charles] Leclerc crashed out and [Carlos] Sainz was fourth but relegated to outside of the top 10 because of the penalty, but on the road he was fourth.

McLaren was 17th, 18th, 19th, and [now] they are 40 seconds ahead of us. Obviously, on one side, I want to punch myself on the nose. On the other side, it is also a testimony that when you get things right, you can turn it around pretty quickly and we’ve just got to continue to believe.

But at the moment, it's a very tough time.”-Wolff continued.

Toto Wolff wants to leave a good and positive impression, aware of the importance he holds for the team. Wolff is also willing to listen to different opinions and open to applying them in the future. He believes that if someone has a better idea, it would be a great thing for turning around the season. 

The Mercedes boss confirmed that his team has "physics problems, not philosophical or organizational problems." For several seasons now, they have struggled to impose their pace or be competitive at the top. The team that has been dominant for years finds it difficult to adjust to this role reversal. Wolff emphasized that problems that once existed could have been easily identified. This time, it's much harder to pinpoint the main issue.

Lewis Hamilton after the race: It's the worst start to a season I've ever had

Lewis Hamilton could not hide his disappointment after the last race, stressing that this was his worst start in history. Before the start of the season, the Brit expected much better results, hoping that Mercedes had the potential to correct things. The excitement he felt before the start of the season obviously had no basis. Hamilton has to get used to this kind of role already this season.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton© Robert Cianflone/Getty Images Sport

From the next season, he will become part of the Ferrari team, obviously with good reason.

"It's the worst start to a season I've ever had. It's worse than 2009," he said.

"It's tough on the spirit for everyone in the team when so much work has been going on over the winter. You come in excited, driven and motivated, with the mindset you're going to be fighting for wins, then that's not the case."

The 39-year-old driver could accept the fact that he will finish second and third, but now he is far from that. This season is challenging for everyone at Mercees, but Hamilton does not want to give up on his goals. The fact that everyone within the team is working hard gives him the strength to try to turn things around and help Mercedes achieve a great result.

The Briton feels happy at Mercedes and does not want to change his perspective. He emphasized that things could have been much worse. Although he aims to fight for victories, he must accept things as they are. Hamilton believes that Mercedes will come through this and they should not give up. It will be interesting to follow the rest of the season and see if the Briton and George Russell have the potential to change things. Mercedes is a team that many have high expectations for, given the successes they have achieved in the last 10 years.