Carlos Sainz felt immense fear before the Australian GP: Revealed reasons

Carlos Sainz's impressive victory stunned F1 fans

by Sead Dedovic
Carlos Sainz felt immense fear before the Australian GP: Revealed reasons
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Carlos Sainz surprised everyone with his victory in Australia, especially considering that most expected Max Verstappen to win. What's also shocking is that Verstappen had a race retirement, his first in almost two years. In a media interview, Carlos Sainz talked about his appendicitis surgery, which took place two weeks before this race. Carlos had doubts about whether his condition would improve when he arrived in Australia. Fortunately for him, he felt much better. The Spaniard began feeling better already in the second week, as doctors had assured him.

"Nine days ago, when I was about to catch the flight to come to Australia, I was still in bed," Sainz said, as quoted by motorsport!

"Barely I could use my abdominal to move and I was like: 'This is not going to happen'. But I took the flight and suddenly when I landed in Australia, the feeling was a lot better.

Every 24 hours, I was making a lot more progress than the first seven days, which is actually what all the doctors told me: 'Don't worry, because the second week, every day is going to improve a lot more than the first week.'

Even Alex Albon told me this, I remember, so it just followed more or less what everyone told me."

After undergoing appendix surgery, Carlos Sainz took some steps to accelerate his recovery. He consulted with medical professionals to gather information on effective recovery methods. This involved researching online and seeking advice from doctors and athletes both in Spain and internationally.  

Sainz didn't want to leave things to chance, aware that every race plays a crucial role and that this season represents a great opportunity for him. The fact that Ferrari easily let him go was probably motivating for Sainz to give his best and prove to them that they made a mistake.

Based on this information, Sainz created a recovery plan in collaboration with his team.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz celebrating at Australian GP
Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz celebrating at Australian GP© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

Understanding that athletes can dedicate significant time to recovery, Sainz committed himself fully to the process. He structured his days around activities known to promote healing, including hyperbaric chamber sessions and utilizing an Indiba machine for wound care. Sainz scheduled his time for rest, physical activity, and nutrition, focusing on foods known to aid recovery.

Discipline and dedication have been characteristics that have defined him since the first day of his career. The Spaniard knew that if he wanted to recover, it was essential for him to be maximally disciplined.

His approach was centered on optimizing every aspect of his routine to facilitate a fast recovery and ensure readiness for the upcoming race in Australia.

Carlos Sainz confirmed that spending time in bed for seven days is not the best thing for an athlete and his physical condition. In the second half of the race, however, he managed to gather his strength, stay at his peak, and ultimately bring victory to his team. Sainz realized that he could jump over mental barriers.

Although this race was difficult for the Spaniard, especially after the surgery he had, Carlos knew that he had a great chance in front of him that he had to take advantage of. Sainz once again confirmed his qualities.

"You can choose your places where to push and not to push and everything becomes a lot easier.

I'm not going to lie, the last five or 10 laps I was a bit stiff and tired, but nothing that was slowing me down too much."-he concluded.

Carlos Sainz's future: Red Bull as an option

Carlos Sainz's future is now an even more intriguing topic after such an impressive performance. At the end of this season, Sainz will leave Ferrari and seek happiness elsewhere. The Spaniard still doesn't want to talk about specific offers. Sainz wants to be patient and carefully consider his future, aware of the important decision he must make. Several teams are mentioned as options for him, and certainly the most interesting option is Red Bull. 

Considering that Sergio Perez could leave the team at the end of the season, Sainz emerges as one of the options. What further confirms these rumors are statements from Red Bull team principal, Christian Horner, who emphasized that Sainz's arrival is not something that can be ruled out. Horner confirmed that Red Bull wants to be patient and carefully consider. 

His performance was truly fantastic, but Horner emphasizes that Red Bull is not in a rush. The fact that Carlos is the only driver who has defeated Red Bull since the 2022 British GP is an additional incentive for Red Bull leaders to consider him as an option for 2025.

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