What Really Happened: Max Verstappen On the Reasons Behind his 'Unusual' Reaction

“I was like, ‘Why are we doing a pit stop?’- Verstappen said.

by Sead Dedovic
What Really Happened: Max Verstappen On the Reasons Behind his 'Unusual' Reaction
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Few expected such a turn of events during the Australian GP race. Max Verstappen had to retire, shocking everyone. The brilliant Dutchman gave his all, but it seemed it wasn't enough. Verstappen experienced brake issues, simply unable to finish the race with such problems. At one point during the race, smoke could be seen billowing from the rear axle of his car, after which Verstappen headed towards the pit. Upon reaching the pits, cameras captured Verstappen speaking to his mechanic, expressing something as 'stupid'. In a media interview, Verstappen laughed and explained the reason behind his reaction.

“Well, that was related to us doing a pitstop while the car was on fire,” he said, as quoted by planetf1.com

“I was like, ‘Why are we doing a pit stop?’

Events like these won't mentally destroy Verstappen, especially considering he's still leading, with good signs that it could continue that way in the future. However, Ferrari's amazing performance is indeed a cause for concern, as Carlos Sainz finished the race in the lead, followed by Charles Leclerc. Verstappen is excited about the upcoming race in Japan, ready to achieve victory. Max has been dominating race after race since last season. Nevertheless, at many moments, he was aware that someday some problem would occur. Considering Red Bull's great performances, Verstappen can't blame his team much. Although he doesn't want such things to happen again, he is aware that all of this is part of F1. The next step will be to analyze the situation, determine why the problem occurred, and start working on solving it.

“It excites me, in a way, because I would like to win,” he said.

“Of course, we had a lot of good races in a row, a lot of good reliability and I knew that the day would come that you end up having a retirement and, unfortunately, that day was today.

We just had already a very good run of two years, right? I mean, that’s already quite impressive. But of course, you never like to see it happen. But it’s more important now that we understand why it happened.”

Although some might expect the Dutchman to be extremely disappointed after everything, considering the end of his brilliant streak, Max confirmed that he isn't particularly disappointed.

Max Verstappen
Max Verstappen© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

He stressed that there is a degree of disappointment in the sense that he could have finished the race, but he maintains enormous confidence and a positive mindset. Verstappen hopes that the upcoming races will bring more positive outcomes for him.

Speaking about his disappointment, he said;

“Not much, to be honest,” he said.

“I mean, of course, I’m disappointed with not being able to finish the race because I think we would have had a good shot at winning because the balance felt quite nice on the laps to the grid.

Like I felt confident and a good improvement compared to what I felt in the long runs when we did in practice. But yeah, some things you can’t control.”

His streak of 10 consecutive wins has been broken. Verstappen emphasized that he isn't particularly interested in such matters. His intention is always to win, regardless of record-breaking. The Dutchman highlighted that his intentions are to win the championship. This will be another chance for him to repeat the successes of previous seasons and attempt to win a fourth consecutive title. Ferrari seems to be his main rivals on this journey. This season could be a bit more exciting, at least judging by this race. However, it's too early to make any predictions, knowing Red Bull and their motivations.

Christian Horner reacts to Max Verstappen's retirement

Christian Horner, Red Bull team principal, who found himself at the center of the scandal, could not be happy with his team's last race. Christian Horner believes that Verstappen is the profile of a driver who can recover from such things, knowing his qualities. He points out that this is a chance for Red Bull to learn from their mistakes. The race in Japan is a chance for Red Bull to return to winning ways.

Horner confirmed that Verstappen's retirement was due to a brake issue. The problem seemed to have persisted from the start of the race, causing the brakes to bind, which Max likened to having a handbrake, resulting in some risky moments. As the race progressed, the pressure on the brakes intensified, eventually leading to a fire. Now, with all the components recovered, they will carefully assess the damage and investigate the cause.

Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen are ready to make a breakthrough already in the next races.

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