Helmut Marko's Revelation Sparks Reactions: What Lies Ahead for F1 Stars?

Helmut Marko also discussed Sergio Perez's future, which remains uncertain as to whether he will stay with the team next season or leave Red Bull

by Sead Dedovic
Helmut Marko's Revelation Sparks Reactions: What Lies Ahead for F1 Stars?
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Red Bull is performing well this season, as in previous ones, but they are already thinking about their future. Red Bull's senior advisor, Helmut Marko, talked about the current season as well as plans for the next ones. Changes could happen next season, as Sergio Perez might leave the team. Helmut Marko discussed the future of Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda in a media interview, being as brutally honest as ever. If either of them wants to be part of Red Bull next season, they'll have to outperform the other.

“Both may be hoping for a place in the first team. But for that to happen, one of them will have to be well ahead of the other.”- he said, as quoted by grandpx.news

Helmut pointed out that both of them are not satisfactory at the moment. Although Tsunoda is slightly better than Ricciardo, Marko is not completely satisfied with his performance.

“Ricciardo is a little behind. But let’s say it like this: Tsunoda has speed in qualifying, but in the race, they are both too slow.”- he continued.

Marko expected that these two drivers would win at least a point in the first two races. He pointed out that when an opportunity presents itself, they must take advantage of it. We will see if the continuation of the season can bring something better for these two drivers.

“I think at least a point should have been scored in each of the first two races. It’s very difficult to score points when you’re behind the top five teams, but when you have the opportunity, you can’t make mistakes.”- he continued.

Daniel Ricciardo and Yuki Tsunoda
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Helmut Marko also discussed Sergio Perez's future, which remains uncertain as to whether he will stay with the team next season or leave Red Bull. The last option seems more realistic. Helmut confirmed his satisfaction with the Mexican, stressing that he is no longer young, just like Ricciardo. Marko indicated that they might consider someone else. Their priority, it seems, is young drivers who have room for progress.

Liam Lawson is one of the options, but Marko believes that this 22-year-old driver must first prove himself, although he is pleased with his performances from last year. This could be a great message for Lawson to step up and believe in himself and his chances to race for Red Bull. 

Liam Lawson
Liam Lawson© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

Perez's fate is always an interesting topic. Marko seems satisfied with the Mexican's performances, but he is still not sure who will replace him next season.

What Perez showed last season is far from the standard expected by Red Bull executives. Although he was given a chance to try to make things right this season, some are still unsure about his future. The Mexican looked impressive in the first two races of the season. Having a teammate like Verstappen is always a challenge, given that it is difficult to reach such a standard.

Despite everything, the Mexican changed his mindset, expecting much more from himself this season. Perez hopes that 2024 could be a great year for him.

Helmut Marko on Max Verstappen's dominance and problems

Verstappen has picked up right where he left off. Finishing first in qualifying, he showed the world that he could achieve the same feat this season. Helmut Marko emphasized in an interview with Sky that the team has done great things leading up to this race. Max Verstappen appears unstoppable, and it seems only a miracle could stop Verstappen's dominance.

"Incredible teamwork between the engineers, the tyre specialists and Max! At the beginning of qualifying, there was still a bit too much understeer, but it wasn't a big problem. Slowly but surely we pushed the limit, and Max drove another great lap."- he concluded.

Red Bull faced a challenge with tire management, according to Red Bull's advisor. He explained that the issue arose from the tires overheating in the third sector of the track. 

This caused them to lose the lead they had gained in the rest of the lap, particularly in the penultimate corner. Recognizing the problem, the team knew they had to address it. Marko praised the team for their efforts in resolving the issue and commended Max for delivering another flawless lap. The Dutchman is a driver we don't need to say more about. His week in week out performances speak volumes.

Although some believe that Red Bull has no problems this season, it is clear that they are facing several problems. Marko, however, does not want to pay too much attention to it, aware that these problems are not significant at all. Red Bull continues to lead the way.

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