'It's tough for Lewis Hamilton not knowing how the car will react'-Chandhok said

Lewis Hamilton faced elimination as early as the second part of the qualifying session

by Sead Dedovic
'It's tough for Lewis Hamilton not knowing how the car will react'-Chandhok said
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Mercedes has continued from where it left off. The German team is failing to achieve its intentions race after race, and the leaders of this team can be quite concerned. Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss, is already tired of searching for excuses for his team's somewhat poorer performances. Former F1 driver Karun Chadhok, during his analysis on Sky Sports, commented on Mercedes' poor qualifying performance in Melbourne.

Lewis Hamilton faced elimination as early as the second part of the qualifying session, settling for the 11th position. Chandhok emphasizes that Lewis has a lot of issues that no driver wants. Karun points out that it's essential to have a good feel inside the car and trust it. It seems that Hamilton lacks confidence in this car.

"It almost seems corner to corner in some ways,” Chandhok said, as quoted by crash.net

"There are some parts when it looks like Lewis has got the balance and grip underneath him then the next time he gets there, it goes away. That's an awful feeling as a driver.

When you're going down the straight and get onto the brakes, you want to know how your car is going to react and when you turn the wheel what are the feelings you get in terms of how your car moves."

Karun Chadhok
Karun Chadhok© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

Mercedes officials wanted to create a powerful car that could rival the top teams. However, it seems they are far from achieving that. Chhandhok believes that the biggest issue arises when you can't predict the behavior of your car. The Briton was accustomed to having a car year after year that can compete with the best on the grid. In recent years, things have been somewhat different.
"If you've got any hesitation in terms of predicting how that movement is going to go, immediately you back off a bit and brake earlier or carry a bit less speed, then you start to bleed lap time.

That's what he's going through now. He's not able to clearly know what's going to happen. Unfortunately, that's the cycle there are in at the moment.”- he continued.

Naomi Schiff, an analyst on Sky F1, shared her confusion about Mercedes' poor showings in qualifying laps. She pointed out the frustration stemming from the team's inconsistency and the repetitive explanations for their car troubles. 

The Mercedes team principal is aware that nobody wants to hear excuses, but in a situation where progress is felt, he must call for optimism. Things would indeed look odd if Wolff admitted to giving up on the team and confirmed that this season is already lost.

Of course, such a statement wouldn't be realistic. There are many races ahead of us and chances for Mercedes to turn things around. The task will be tough, but over the years, we've come to understand that F1 can bring a lot of surprises.

Mercedes has been stagnating for several seasons now, with no visible progress. Other teams are making strides, achieving significantly better results, while Mercedes seems to be taking steps backward.

It's frustrating to be in a place like this.

Naomi Schiff stressed the importance of Mercedes persevering and making the most of race days, which have typically been better for them. Russell is slightly better than his teammate, but his performances are far from satisfactory.

Lewis Hamilton is disappointed

Hamilton shared his disappointment after being eliminated in Q2, stressing the car's inconsistency despite feeling good during practice (P3). He expressed frustration with the car's performance fluctuation, affecting his mindset. Hamilton also talked about George Russell's performance and aimed to do better in the upcoming race.

Lewis Hamilton at Singapor GP
Lewis Hamilton at Singapor GP© Clive Mason / Getty Images

The Briton believes that Mercedes has many areas to improve in the future if they intend to progress. Although there are occasional signs of being on the right track, they often seem far from their goal in the next moment. Wind was one of the main problems for the Mercedes team, as the car became unstable. Other teams have shown greater determination and quality, which is also disappointing for Mercedes and their drivers. However, the Briton emphasizes that this should not discourage them, as they intend to identify their mistakes from week to week.

It will be interesting to follow their progress. The fans of this team do not think that things will be any better in the next season. Mercedes is a team from which we are used to seeing only the best, but in recent weeks they have shown that they are far from the best.

Toto Wolff wants to see changes, to finally return to winning ways and showing performances like before.

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