Lewis Hamilton criticizes F1 and the FIA: We need accountability and transparency

“Things that are happening behind closed doors, there is no transparency, there is really no accountability."

by Sead Dedovic
Lewis Hamilton criticizes F1 and the FIA: We need accountability and transparency
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In a recent interview with the media, Lewis Hamilton referred to the Susie Wolff case. Namely, Toto Wolff's wife decided to take such legal actions against the FIA after the FIA's statements about her in December of last year.

The FIA launched and then dropped an investigation in December over an alleged breach of confidentiality.

Susie Wolff, who runs the F1 Academy series, is someone Lewis Hamilton admires and is proud of because she's brave. Hamilton is also known for speaking his mind without worrying about what others think. Susie has decided to fight for herself, and she intends to show that justice always wins.

"Firstly, I'm incredibly proud of Susie. She's so brave. She stands for such great values. She's such a leader,” - she said, as quoted by crash.net!

“In a world where often people are silenced, for her to be standing up sends such a great message. I love that she's taking it out of this world, filing it from outside, because there is a real lack of accountability here within this sport, within the FIA."

Susie Wolff
Susie Wolff© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

The Briton is not happy with the situation within F1, considering that in many situations there is not enough transparency and responsibility. Hamilton wants to be part of a sport that will fight for equality, the rights of all, and transparency.

“Things that are happening behind closed doors, there is no transparency, there is really no accountability, and we need that. I think the fans need that. How can you trust the sport and what is happening here if you don’t have that?"- he continued

Lewis Hamilton hopes that her actions will mark the start of changes in F1. He also highlighted the diminishing rights of women and stressed the importance of standing up for oneself. The British driver believes that inclusivity in sports will become the norm in the future. He expressed disappointment in witnessing prejudices in sports.

“Hopefully, this stand that she’s taking now will create change, will have a positive impact, and especially for women. It is still a male-dominated sport, and we’re living in a time where the message is if you file a complaint, you will be fired, and that is a terrible narrative to be projecting to the world, especially when we’re talking about inclusivity here in the sport."- he continued.

Lewis wants to uphold true values, and seeing such situations in F1 is not what he wants to see in the future.

“We need to make sure we stay true to the core values.”

George Russell is another person who couldn't stay silent about everything and decided to give his opinion on Susie's case.

Russell emphasized the importance of transparency in handling cases within Formula One. He highlighted that when outcomes are clear and all the facts are presented, everyone has the opportunity to form their own judgments. 

However, if there's not enough transparency and important information is kept secret, it makes people think that something is being hidden. Russell emphasized how important it is for the sport to show its supporters that problems are not ignored or hidden, but dealt with openly and honestly.

We're aware that in the world of F1, we've had many scandals throughout the history of this sport. The question is how transparently certain cases have been resolved and how seriously everything has been analyzed. F1 must position itself in a way that respects everyone and resolves such situations in the best possible manner. George Russell and Lewis Hamilton, as members of Mercedes, have voiced their opinions, and others could follow their path.

Lewis Hamilton and Black Lives Matter

Lewis Hamilton spoke about the Black Lives Matter movement a few years ago. He confirmed via social media that improving diversity must be a priority. Inequality in the world of sports still exists, and the Briton emphasized back then that it needs to change. For him, it's a priority to be persistent and not give up on his pursuit of equality. He believes it's the best way to see changes in our world.

“Last year some of us took a knee in support of equality which I am proud of,” Hamilton wrote. “My question is, what’s next? The inequities within our sport and within our world persist. Change is still needed. We must keep pushing to hold ourselves and others accountable. We have to keep striving for equality for all, in order to continue to see true and lasting change in our world."

The experienced F1 driver is truly one of the drivers of change, with hopes that they will continue to do so in the future.

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