Max Verstappen: It's nice to hear that Mercedes and Toto Wolff are interested in me

“It doesn’t have any impact on me of what I would do or whatever, but I mean, it’s always nice to hear that."

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen: It's nice to hear that Mercedes and Toto Wolff are interested in me
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Max Verstappen's future is always an interesting topic. The young Dutchman is currently content at Red Bull, but scandals surrounding Christian Horner and team personnel have created dilemmas regarding whether Verstappen could leave the team. A recent statement from his father, Jos Verstappen, has further deepened concerns among Red Bull fans. He emphasized that Horner must leave the team, given that the entire chaos surrounding his case could affect Max and his performances.

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team principal, confirmed a few days ago that he would engage Verstappen if the opportunity arose, considering the qualities of this 26-year-old.

Max Verstappen reacted to Wolff's comments a few days ago, emphasizing that he has huge respect for Wolff, but Toto's statements are not an indication of anything.

“It doesn’t have any impact on me of what I would do or whatever, but I mean, it’s always nice to hear that.

But of course, Toto and I, we had our little moments, but that’s normal between two teams as well, battling, I guess, for challenges, but the respect has always been there.

But yeah, from my side, it doesn’t change anything.”- Wolff said, as quoted by!

Verstappen is aware that many are interested in his future, but he is still not sure what awaits him. The Dutchman is tied to a contract with Red Bull until 2028, but much can change by then. Reporters were interested in finding out a potential date or year when Verstappen could leave the team.

“Any year!” -Verstappen said.

Such a driver has plenty of options, but for him, it is essential to carefully consider what is the best option for his future, to understand where he sees himself, and then make the right decision.

“No, I don’t know. I don’t know what after ’28 happens. I don’t know if I’m going to stay in F1 or if I’m going to continue, maybe sign a new deal. I don’t know that yet.”- he continued.

Verstappen reassured that he isn't overly concerned about Red Bull's in-house power unit project for 2026. He mentioned his close communication with Christian Horner and the team involved, expressing confidence in their efforts and suggesting there's no need to panic. The Dutchman is a person who always wants to look at things from the optimistic side. Such a mindset has made him special all these years.

Max Verstappen
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He stressed the challenge ahead, considering the competitive environment with established engine manufacturers but remained optimistic about the team's capabilities and excited about the project's potential. Verstappen concluded by emphasizing that it's still early days, and time will reveal the outcome.

Red Bull has been leading the way for several seasons, especially in the last two seasons where they have shown that they are a team to be respected. Max Verstappen seems unstoppable, with ambitions to continue at the same pace this year. The Dutchman expects great things in the continuation of the season.

Red Bull can offer him a lot, but sometimes F1 drivers are hungry for new challenges and new successes. The question is when Max intends to compete for this team, considering the offers coming from elsewhere. Mercedes is one of the teams carefully observing the situation.

Toto Wolff on Max Verstappen and Mercedes

Toto Wolff spoke over a week ago about Verstappen and the possibility of him joining the Mercedes team. Toto believes it would be fantastic to have such a driver on their team. However, as a priority, they must focus on this season and improve the car to be competitive. 

In a way, Wolff doesn't want to undermine his current drivers and diminish their importance. Wolff and the leaders of this team are carefully considering the options they have for 2025, especially when Hamilton will leave the team. 

Several options are on the table, but such a decision requires a lot of analysis. The head of Mercedes wants to finish this season and see if anyone does exceptionally well, and also how the young talents progress.

Christian Horner must be fearful due to all the events surrounding him and the team. Losing a driver like Verstappen would be a huge blow for the team's leaders. Verstappen is a driver with the potential to dominate in the coming years and help Red Bull break records.

Scandals within the team are a reason for Max to distance himself from the team and find happiness elsewhere. Horner and the rest of the team must resolve conflicts within the team and move towards the right path. They are optimistic that the 26-year-old driver will remain part of the team and help them achieve success together.

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