Eddie Jordan Predicts Fernando Alonso Retirement Due to Singular Move

"People have a habit of buying boats and retiring. Let’s see what happens but Fernando should be in Formula 1."

by Sead Dedovic
Eddie Jordan Predicts Fernando Alonso Retirement Due to Singular Move
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Popular F1 team boss, Eddie Jordan, during the Formula for Success podcast, talked about Fernando Alonso and the potential retirement. Even though the Spaniard is 42 years old, he still doesn't intend to end his career. Fernando Alonso has several options for the future, and one of them is even moving to Mercedes after Hamilton leaves the team at the end of the season. However, judging by the statements of the experienced driver, he intends to stay at Aston Martin. Alonso confirmed that if a serious offer follows, he will consider his future.

Jordan has a great opinion of Spaniards, some of the world's best athletes. Although Jordan is often critical of Alonso, he still believes that Fernando is a great driver who could have won several championships. The Spaniard is satisfied with the career he has achieved, with optimism that he can make a positive result even this season.

“You have these Spanish superstars at the moment. Whether they’re in Tennis or football, I think he will stay [in F1]. He’s a world champion,” he said, as quoted by crash.net

“He should have been, in my opinion, I have been critical of his somewhat management skills or people have managed him as he should have won at least four or five championships because he’s that talented.”

In the last few days, there has been a lot of talk about Alonso possibly retiring. This amazing F1 driver has built a great career, but every story sometimes comes to an end. The Spaniard bought a boat, which has sparked rumors that his career could end. Many athletes decide to buy boats when they want to end their careers. Although we cannot draw a definitive conclusion, Jordan believes that Alonso will end his career.

Eddie is also someone who has a lot of experience and knows people well. This purchase could be an indication that the 42-year-old driver has no intention of continuing his career.

“I just feel now that he’s probably calculating, he’s bought a new boat. That’s often an indication to me because I know you bought a boat at the time and then retired gracefully after that - I did the same

People have a habit of buying boats and retiring. Let’s see what happens but Fernando should be in Formula 1.

He’s such an exciting driver and as long as he wants to do it there’s always a place there in my heart for him.”-Eddie Jordan said.

Eddie Jordan
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Fernando Alonso on retirement

Fernando Alonso spoke about retirement a month ago. Despite being 42 years old, Alonso feels great and is ready to remain on the F1 scene for several more years. Alonso had a shorter break, from 2018 to 2021. His love for F1 influenced his decision to return. Impressed by what Alonso showed upon his comeback, F1 fans have requested him to continue his career.

Fernando Alonso
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Alonso's statements suggest a shift in his perspective on retirement. While previously he may have considered retiring around the ages of 41 or 42, he now contemplates the possibility of racing for several more years, even into his late 40s or early 50s, provided he maintains motivation and commitment. If Alonso were to indeed stay in F1 for so long, he would be a person who would break many records.

His car isn't competitive enough to win the championship, but the fact is they can be among the top three teams. Alonso is a driver who wants to be competitive and compete in a team that can provide him with the platform to be among the best. A potential move to Mercedes would be a big deal for him. This team would try to provide Alonso with a car with which he can compete for the championship.

However, he talked about the demanding nature of Formula 1, requiring total dedication and often sacrifices in other aspects of life. While he expresses contentment with his dedication to the sport, he also admits to having interests and curiosities beyond racing, which may influence his decision on how long to continue competing.

The Spaniard is a figure who, from the first day of his career, has had great ambitions and has always strived to be the best. In addition to F1, Alonso has a multitude of hobbies that he enjoys.

Fernando Alonso hopes that the future in F1 will be even better for him, to try to win the championship again. Although this may seem somewhat unrealistic, the world of F1 has been known to bring surprises, so we shouldn't be surprised by any outcome.

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