Former F1 Driver Believes Lewis Hamilton is Already Mentally in Ferrari

"You can feel that Lewis is on the back foot."- Coulthard said.

by Sead Dedovic
Former F1 Driver Believes Lewis Hamilton is Already Mentally in Ferrari
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After it was confirmed that Lewis Hamilton will become part of the Ferrari team, fear arose among Mercedes fans and team executives; Is the Briton mentally prepared for the current season? The fact that he will compete for Ferrari from next year raises doubts for some that Hamilton is already focused on 2025, and that he will not perform at his best this season. 

The first two races of the season have shown that Hamilton is indeed not performing at the level expected of him. Disappointing seventh place in Bahrain and ninth in Saudi Arabia does not give much optimism.

Lewis Hamilton will have to perform much better if he wants his team to finish at least among the top three. Mercedes is a team we are used to seeing at the top, but it seems that fans of this team will have to get used to Mercedes' weaker performances.

F1 experts and former legends have reacted to Lewis Hamilton's disappointing start to the season. One of them is David Coulthard. This former Red Bull driver believes that the Briton has failed to deliver his best. He believes that Hamilton is already focused on his adventure with Ferrari, which significantly complicates his job at Mercedes.

“He’s just not been settled with this car. You can tell,” -Coulthard said on Channel 4, as quoted by

“George [Russell] is owning the lap time right now.

You can feel that Lewis is on the back foot.

What we do know is that if he can find a window of performance then he will deliver.

But right now? It’s looking like his decision to head off to Ferrari…

Mentally, he’s already there!”

David Coulthard
David Coulthard© Boris Streubel / Getty Images Sport

Despite everything, some believe that after the disappointing previous season, Hamilton knew that he would face similar challenges this season as well. This may be one of the reasons why he wanted to leave the team. However, some are not firmly convinced, thinking that Lewis was still optimistic that he could achieve more with Mercedes this season. Nevertheless, the desire for a new environment was decisive in his decision.

During her explanation, Naomi Schiff emphasized that Hamilton expected more than he showed in the first two races. Mercedes leaders promised Hamilton that the new car would be more competitive and significantly better than its predecessor.

Schiff is aware that Mercedes is struggling this season. Many things can change in the upcoming races.

“I don’t actually think so. It seems they came into the season with really high hopes.

Maybe they didn’t have the outright pace to beat the Red Bulls but, after testing, there was ambition from them that they’d be the best of the rest, maybe with Ferrari. That hasn’t played out yet.”-Naomi Schiff said.

Ralf Schumacher reacts to Lewis Hamilton signing for Ferrari

Ralf Schumacher, known for his straightforward comments where he doesn't hesitate to criticize even the best, did the same this time. The former F1 driver is not convinced that Hamilton can achieve great things at Ferrari. In an interview with German media, Schumacher emphasized that Lewis won't be able to contribute much. 

What Schumacher knows is that Vasseur surely thought carefully before deciding to hire Hamilton. The Briton is a driver with vast experience, and the successes he has achieved on the big stage are reason enough to sign him. 

Ralf Schumacher
Ralf Schumacher© Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

Vasseur is also a leader with vast experience, and every decision he makes requires careful analysis. This time, he surely didn't have to analyze much.

However, Ralf emphasized that Hamilton doesn't have the qualities that Verstappen possesses, considering the Dutchman is a more consistent driver. Perhaps such words from Schumacher will be a great motivation for Hamilton to prove him wrong. 

Ferrari executives are convinced that they will progress week by week, aiming to make an even bigger step next season. Their ambitions are to dethrone Red Bull and finally win the championship. It's a tough task ahead of them, considering how much they lag behind Red Bull, not just them, but all the teams in the F1 scene.

After signing the contract with Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton confirmed that it was not easy to decide to leave Mercedes, considering all the joint successes behind them. However, he felt that he was ready for a new challenge and a new chapter in his career. At this moment Ferrari can certainly offer him more, or rather a much better car, with which he can compete for the very top. Whether the Briton will be able to match Max Verstappen next season is hard to say. What is certain is that we will see an exciting season with many surprises.

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