Eddie Jordan Expresses Reservations About Investing in Daniel Ricciardo's Career

"There’s been nothing since then that convinces me that I would want to invest my hard earned sponsorship cash to keep Daniel."

by Sead Dedovic
Eddie Jordan Expresses Reservations About Investing in Daniel Ricciardo's Career
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Daniel Ricciardo's fate is one of the more interesting topics in the F1 scene. Helmut Marko, Red Bull advisor, known for his firm leadership, rigid stances, and authoritative persona has warned Daniel Ricciardo that he must perform better if he wants to remain part of the team. 

Daniel hasn't been particularly impressive since the start of the season, and his performances could be a cause for concern. Racing for RB, Ricciardo expected to improve his form, but it seems he's struggling to do so. 

Popular F1 team boss, Eddie Jordan, discussed Ricciardo and his future on the Formula for Success podcast. Eddie has a high opinion of Daniel and his character. The fact that he's such a positive personality is what impresses this former owner. However, Jordan isn't sure he would hire Ricciardo if he were a team owner. Although he knows Ricciardo's qualities well, what Daniel has shown recently doesn't inspire optimism.

“I don’t think there’s a more loved personality in F1. Certainly got the best smile I have ever seen in F1.

He’s a magic guy to have in a team. But that doesn’t give you the right to be the driver in the team and I am just worried that the end of the McLaren era was really something that stood out and I couldn’t see where he’d lost it.

There’s been nothing since then that convinces me that I would want to invest my hard earned sponsorship cash to keep Daniel.”-Jordan said, as quoted by crash.net

Eddie Jordan
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However, the first two races cannot be an indication that Ricciardo will continue like this throughout the season. The next race, especially in his homeland, Australia, is an opportunity for him to improve his form and silence the critics. Aware that it's necessary to raise his game, Ricciardo is striving to be optimistic ahead of the upcoming challenges. Jordan emphasized in media interviews that Ricciardo needs to lift his performance. If he fails to do so, his future will be in question. Jordan highlights that new talents emerge every year who can replace you. Therefore, your performances must always be at a satisfactory level.

“He needs a result more than anyone perhaps. He needs to get it together because otherwise he’s going to be replaced. He can understand why he would be replaced because the performances are not just there.

He shouldn’t be spinning the car, he shouldn’t be putting himself out of sequence in a pit stop. You don't see Max doing that, you don’t see other people doing that. Daniel, as much as we adore him and I think he’s a huge asset for F1, the stopwatch never lies.

The stopwatch in terms of Daniel, the question marks are out there. When we see people like Oliver Bearman coming like the way he did, people like Daniel will need to look over his shoulder and think ‘how much time do I have left here?’.”- he concluded

Daniel Ricciardo and his future

Ricciardo couldn't have been happy with the last race, considering he was outqualified by Yuki Tsunoda. The Australian emphasized that his team had identified many car issues, but despite that, they remained optimistic about achieving a positive result. Ricciardo highlighted that the entire season is a big struggle, where you have to find a way to improve your performances, while also expecting the team to provide what you need.

“Honestly, we found a few things over the course of the weekend. But we’re heading into the race always upbeat and optimistic that maybe something happens.

But I think it was always going to be an uphill battle. We simply don’t have everything functioning at 100%."- Ricciardo said.

Ricciardo stressed that the car had some problems during the race that they need to fix before the next one.

He mentioned that during the race, the pit stop was slow, and he made a mistake by spinning out at Turn 1.

Despite these challenges, Ricciardo stays positive because he believes they can do better with a good car and better teamwork. His experience could be a crucial thing in the rest of the season. Ricciardo had many challenges in his career that he knew how to face. Driving for a team like this is not an easy thing, given that you can hardly fight for greater things, but certainly more is expected of him at this moment.

He admitted that it was a tough weekend but stressed the importance of staying confident. Staying confident when things don't go according to plan isn't easy, but you have no choice but to hope that things can change.

Ricciardo noted that although the season didn't start well, he's hopeful for the next race in Melbourne and wants to do better. We will see how much the support in his homeland will mean to him. Australians will surely know how to support their driver.

Daniel Ricciardo