Ralf Schumacher reveals existence of exit clause in Max Verstappen's Red Bull deal

“That's what I heard and the sources are good."- Schumacher said.

by Sead Dedovic
Ralf Schumacher reveals existence of exit clause in Max Verstappen's Red Bull deal
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The season cannot start or end without rumors about Max Verstappen. The Dutchman is a driver who impresses fans of this sport day by day. Given the events in the F1 scene, primarily regarding Lewis Hamilton and his potential move to Ferrari next season, there is a talk of a domino effect. 

Perhaps the strangest rumor is about Max Verstappen moving to Mercedes. An option that many consider unrealistic, but for some, it could become a reality. 

The latest in a series of rumors is that Max Verstappen's contract contains an exit clause. Ralf Schumacher confirmed in an interview with Sky Sports that the clause implies that the Dutchman can leave the team if Helmut Marko does so beforehand. Judging by the events in the F1 scene, this could become a reality.

"Yes, that's a fact,” -Ralf Schumacher told Sky.

“That's what I heard and the sources are good. I don't know whether Verstappen will do that. I think everyone is shooting themselves in the foot here. You can see what's happening here. But it's much worse for all the employees behind it and also for the Red Bull brand."

For weeks, there have been discussions about Marko possibly being suspended for leaking information regarding Horner's case. However, the question is whether that will happen. The German had previously stated that he had considered leaving the team amid investigations involving Christian Horner.

Schumacher does not understand the position of Horner or 51% shareholer Chalerm Yoovidhya. Horner puts a question mark over their approach, which is not exactly the best.

“In this case, I don't understand the Thai side and Christian Horner at all. Why they are pushing this through with all their might because: What do we owe to Didi Mateschitz? The fact that we are now reacting like this is wrong, in my opinion."

Ralf Schumacher
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The atmosphere within the team is anything but ideal. Looking at Red Bull's great results, we can't help but wonder why the leaders within the team do such things? Red Bull started the new season furiously, winning the first two races. They are well on their way to win the championship again and start breaking records. However, if problems continue to occur, it is difficult to expect certain progress. Red Bull could feel it in its results.

Max Verstappen and his father have already stated that they do not want to focus on scandals within the team. Verstappen believes that greater focus should be placed on races and Red Bull drivers rather than on Christian Horner and certain rumors surrounding him. 

This is a situation closely watched by other teams, ready to seize their opportunity. 

Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss, surely has plans to engage Verstappen, aware that this is an ideal opportunity for his team. Although the Austrian does not want to be direct in his statements, it seems that they are already considering a plan to bring him to Mercedes. 

The Austrian billionaire confirmed to the media that Max has everything needed to become part of this team: passion and commitment. The brilliant Dutchman has been part of the F1 scene since he was 18 years old.

At that time, he was a great talent, and it was immediately evident that he would become a top driver. Wolff believes that you cannot force anyone to become part of a team if they do not want to commit.

Max Verstappen on leaving the team

F1 fans are not particularly optimistic about Verstappen actually leaving the team and embarking on a new adventure. The main reason for such thinking is the fact that the Dutchman has been dominating the big scene for years, with great prospects for the future. Being in a team that allows you to always be at the top is what every driver dreams of. However, on the other hand, sometimes the desire to prove yourself in another team can be decisive. It is not known if Verstappen thinks this way, but his recent statement about a potential move to Mercedes was interesting.

Verstappen explained life is unpredictable, and unexpected opportunities or changes can arise at any moment, both in Formula 1 and in general life. He uses the example of Lewis Hamilton potentially moving to Ferrari, stressing that such unexpected moves can happen in the world of racing. 

Verstappen emphasizes that he approaches life with an open mind, acknowledging that he cannot predict the future with certainty. Despite the speculation about him potentially joining Mercedes, Verstappen expresses contentment and satisfaction with his current team, emphasizing that he is not actively considering a move and is focused on performing well with his current team.

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