Lando Norris: "There are still areas where I can improve and keep getting better"

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Lando Norris: "There are still areas where I can improve and keep getting better"

Lando Norris says he made the most progress last season in the races and decisions he made on the track which was his weakness in his 2019 debut season, ahead of Daniel Ricciardo's arrival at McLaren this season. Norris finished behind the more experienced Spaniard in both seasons with Sainz at McLaren even though they were extremely equal in qualifying, and in 2020 finished eighth in the drivers ’standings, two places behind a teammate, with a podium in the first race of the season in Austria.

The young British driver recently announced that he contracted the coronavirus during a holiday in Abu Dhabi, ahead of the start of pre-season preparations with McLaren, and looked back on his second F1 season in which he improved his racing skills.

“The race is one of the areas I worked on the most during the winter because I realized it was one of my bigger weaknesses,” Norris said. Norris seems to have decided to dedicate himself to Formula much more than in previous seasons.

He says he is now analyzing all the flaws in himself and trying to figure out what things he was wrong about and try to correct them. Many expect Norris to be significantly better than last season

Norris wants to improve

"It's something I've spent a lot of time analyzing the details because there are a lot of things that can happen in a race that together make a good race."

"So I focused a lot on the race and I was definitely a lot stronger in that last year, but there are still areas where I can improve and keep getting better." "So with a lot more confidence, I can say that I did a much better job in the races, getting more out of the car to be in the positions I was in."

"Because I could very easily not be fourth at the Bahrain Grand Prix and I could easily break at the start and drop out of the race early." "I make better decisions, to knock on wood. And those decisions paid off and allowed me to achieve much better results.

” Norris secured a positive qualifying ratio against Sainz (9: 8) in the fourth qualifying time of the last race of the season in Abu Dhabi and brought McLaren the smallest lag behind the pole position in 2020 of 0.251 seconds.

Norris will now try to score even better than in previous seasons and seems to have a good chance of actually getting there.