Lance Stroll: "I think the worst is behind us "

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Lance Stroll: "I think the worst is behind us "

Aston Martin F1 team owner Lawrence Stroll said at the presentation of Cognizant's new title sponsor that the Australian Grand Prix has been postponed and that the Bahrain Grand Prix will be the first race of the season.

As announced for several days, the Australian GP is about to be postponed due to the protocol on coronavirus in that country, and negotiations are currently underway between the race promoters, the Australian government, and Formula 1.

Although there is still no official confirmation, which would promote the Bahrain GP to the place of the first race of the season, Stroll confirmed that the matter has been resolved and that the Australian GP will be postponed for a later date.

“Melbourne has been postponed, not canceled, not yet officially announced, but it will be,” Stroll said. "We will go there sometime in the fall, and the first race will be Bahrain [26. - March 28]. ” "I believe we have a tough two or three months ahead of us.

We see a light at the end of the vaccine tunnel, but I think the first few races will be somewhat challenging."

Stroll is satisfied

Whan he said during the interview he is satisfied that the Formula One management was ready to fight with the virus and that they managed to adapt and hold the races despite such a situation.

However, he believes that it will be much easier next season and that now everyone is ready "But to Formula One Management and the FIA, I'm really taking my hat off to them because they managed to organize 17 races last year in 23 weeks, with no major flaws, in a very impressive way."

"I think the worst is behind us and last year we learned how to continue this season." Formula 1 has already considered moving pre-season testing to Bahrain this season, but they still decided to stay in Barcelona where a three-day test was to be held.

But as the postponement of the Australian GP is very likely, the teams agree that for logistical reasons it would be most logical to move testing to Bahrain, which would become the new first race of the season. Autosport reports that the teams agree with that decision, but that they still cannot agree on the exact date of the pre-season tests because some want an earlier date, and some as late as possible.

Last season, both Racing Point drivers, Perez and Stroll, contracted the coronavirus, and towards the end of the season, the current world champion Hamilton joined the list.