Aston Martin Boss: Fernando Alonso is Attractive to Other Teams, Could Leave the Team

"It is clear that a driver of that calibre is attractive for everybody."

by Sead Dedovic
Aston Martin Boss: Fernando Alonso is Attractive to Other Teams, Could Leave the Team
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Fernando Alonso, despite being 42 years old, is still one of the main drivers in the F1 scene. The Spanish passionate F1 enthusiast has no intention of giving up on his greatest love and is already thinking about his future. Alonso is doing great things at Aston Martin, so it's no surprise there's so much interest in him. 

The 42-year-old driver will have to carefully consider his options for the next seasons. Aston Martin boss, Mike Krack, intends to extend Alonso's contract, but he's also aware of the threat from other teams. 

Mercedes and Red Bull seem to be the main candidates to sign him, especially since there will be an empty seat at Mercedes from next season, while the fate of Sergio Perez is unknown, but he might likely leave the team. 

Team principal, Krack, discussed Alonso's future in a media interview. The team intends to continue working with him, and they are optimistic about his future. With his experience and qualities, he has elevated Aston Martin to a higher level.

"It is no secret that he, first of all, wants to decide for himself what he wants to do.

We want to continue working with Fernando. The most important thing is that we give him a quick car so he believes in this project, believes in this team. Everything else, we will have to discuss over the weeks to come.

It is clear that a driver of that calibre is attractive for everybody. That is clear. But we will try to keep him. We have seen that, last year already when he joined, it's not only what he brings in terms of driving talent and race craft - he brings this extra drive, push and motivation to everybody."- Krack said, as quoted by MIRROR

Mike Krack
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Alonso changed the atmosphere by joining the team. Considering his importance in the F1 world, the leaders of this team took the 42-year-old driver seriously, aware of what his experience could bring to this team. Krack pointed out that Fernando has been an example for everyone since day one. His commitment, motivation, and desire are something special. Alonso transfers his optimism and positivity to others within the team.

Aston Martin has been missing such a driver all these years, and his departure would be a big blow for this team.

"He leads by example, from the first day, with his mood from the first moment in the morning to late at night. It is exemplary. This is something that is infecting the whole team and it is something that you want to preserve."- Krack continued.

Fernando Alonso and his plans for the future

After the race in Saudi Arabia, reporters were interested in the future of the experienced Spaniard. Alonso emphasized that he is part of this team primarily because he wants to do great things. For him, the most important thing is to talk to himself, to get a clearer picture of his future. Alonso is still a racing enthusiast, regardless of whether he fought for the podium or P12. It is also impressive that Fernando wants to give 100% of himself to help his team.

Some also believe that Alonso will retire after this season. Although he had a period of absence from the big scene, Fernando has decided to return to the F1 tracks. However, the fact that he is 42 years old is not encouraging. Aware that his career could be on the decline, Alonso emphasizes that if he wants to commit to the team in the future, he will only do so if he is 100% ready. If he is not ready, Alonso believes it would be selfish to stay and thus jeopardize the team's chances in the coming seasons.

Alonso mentioned how important it is for him to feel good physically and mentally during his initial travels, dealing with factors like long trips and adjusting to different time zones. He emphasized that feeling motivated is key for him to perform well in the sport.

There's talk about Alonso possibly joining teams like Mercedes and Red Bull. At this moment. Alonso currently wants to shift his focus more onto himself and understand how ready he is to commit to a specific team again. As he's already emphasized, he wants both his body and mind to be at 100% before committing to anyone.

The Spaniard wants to decide if he's ready to commit to a few more years in the sport and be prepared to give up other things in his life. Once he's made this decision for himself, then he'll think about which team is the best fit for him. Right now, he says he hasn't reached that point of decision-making yet.

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