Ferrari president on Hamilton, future ambitions, and young talent Oliver Bearman

'I have always said over the years how much Lewis is a great driver, how much he has done for Formula One.'

by Sead Dedovic
Ferrari president on Hamilton, future ambitions, and young talent Oliver Bearman
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After witnessing the first two races of this season, it becomes increasingly clear why Lewis Hamilton decided to leave the Mercedes team and join Ferrari for the next season. The Briton fails to achieve his goal in this team. 

His statements before the start of the season were neither optimistic nor pessimistic, but it could be inferred that Hamilton did not have very high expectations for this season. 

Aware that he can hardly progress in such a Mercedes, Hamilton has chosen Ferrari as the team for his future. 

Ferrari president John Elkann was one of the key figures in Lewis Hamilton's arrival. He knew that the Briton brings perspective within the team and great optimism. Having such a driver on the team is a big deal. In a conversation with the media, Elkann emphasized how much he respects Hamilton

'I have always said over the years how much Lewis is a great driver, how much he has done for Formula One,'- he told Sky Sports

'He will join Ferrari and this is a sign of how much he believes he can do great things with us.'

Charles Lecler, Lewis Hamilton
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The Ferrari president cannot be happy with the fact that his team has not won the drivers' championship for 16 years. Elkann hopes that 2026 can be something different for him and his team, at the moment when new regulations should appear. 

Ferrari president John Elkann has huge expectations from 2026

He expects a lot from the 2026 season, as his team could open a new chapter. However, it is crucial that they show their best this season and the next and try to win the championship. 

For him, the most important thing is for this team to be competitive. It seems that there is a great atmosphere within the team and that they are optimistic that they can make a breakthrough this season and next. 

Winning the championship will be difficult, according to many, an impossible mission, but F1 can bring all kinds of miracles. For now, Max Verstappen seems like a convincing candidate to win the championship again.

'By 2026 a cycle will close, then another will open,' -Elkann said.

'The important thing will be to always be competitive and continue to fuel this spirit.'

For him, the most important thing is for the team to progress day by day. Looking back a year ago, Elkann is happy that his team started better and progressed. Ferrari is, in general, a team with vast experience and outstanding drivers. Some of the legends of this sport have been part of Ferrari, and that is one of the reasons why Hamilton decided to join this team. The race in Saudi Arabia was positive for Ferrari, and Elkann expects even better performances in the future.

'If we look at where we were a year ago, we started better,' he said.

'The important thing is to improve and progress. This is the dynamic that exists in Ferrari and it should be praised and supported.

There is a desire to ensure that we bring the Ferrari to do the best possible and this was palpable today. This, I mean, from everyone.'

18-year-old Oliver Bearman impressed F1 fans with his maturity

18-year-old Oliver Bearman stepped in as a replacement for Carlos Sainz in Saudi Arabia. The young Brit surprised many with his performance. To finish seventh in his debut, ahead of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell, is certainly a great and positive thing. Elkann is delighted with the performance of the young driver, who is yet to do great things. The reaction of Lewis Hamilton was particularly positive. He looked like a proud father. Some expect that this young driver could do some great things like Hamilton in the future, although it is too early to tell.

Lewis Hamilton and Oliver Bearman
Lewis Hamilton and Oliver Bearman© Clive Rose/Getty Images Sport

The Ferrari president believes that Bearman will remember his debut for the rest of his life.

This will be an exciting season for everyone, including Ferrari. The first two races are a potential indication of what we can expect. The story continues as before; Max Verstappen is still convincingly above everyone, and most expect that this will continue in the coming period. The Dutchman wants to win the championship in a great way again and break many records that were previously set. Ferrari leaders expect that their team can take a step higher this year and finish at least in the top 3. They have a good chance of that.

What the fans of this team can look forward to is the fact that from the next season, Hamilton will become part of this team. It will be interesting and exciting to follow the performances of this team.

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