Christian Horner's Accuser's Friend: Unveils Her Friend's Frustration

‘She is so disappointed with how it’s all gone, especially as she did everything by the book'

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner's Accuser's Friend: Unveils Her Friend's Frustration
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The woman who found herself at the center of the scandal regarding Christian Horner is disappointed by the treatment from the Red Bull leadership. Namely, after a process in which Horner was acquitted of inappropriate behavior, the female employee was suspended from the team due to 'dishonesty'. Many consider this decision bizarre and do not understand why the Red Bull executives are doing such things. An anonymous source revealed in a conversation with MailOnline that the female employee is disappointed with the entire process, considering that she expected Horner to lose in court.

‘She is so disappointed with how it’s all gone, especially as she did everything by the book,’ a friend of the woman from the scandal said, as quoted by METRO!

Although it is brave to go against one of the main people within the team and accuse him of such things, it seems that the Red Bull employee did not have huge support from people within the team. She is disappointed, considering that she expected more support, hoping she will remain within the team. It turned out that her decision created even bigger problems for her.

‘She raised her concerns in private and did everything right, but she feels very let down by the company. They have suspended her and accused her of dishonesty when she followed the proper process diligently and correctly.'- she continued.

‘But for all that she was suspended from the job she loves and from a sport that she is highly regarded in. The lack of support is noted and she’s just so disappointed with the treatment from her employer.'

Her friend believes that this entire process should be analyzed and take into account how transparent everything was done. The fact that Horner was acquitted of the charges, and she was suspended, is not at all what she expected.

‘Look at what happened. She complained there was a supposedly transparent, independent investigation, Horner was cleared, and she was then suspended.

Questions need to be asked of the Red Bull investigation, transparency would bring confidence in what is happening to her.'

She is questioning which individual or team within Red Bull was assigned the task of determining the facts surrounding a particular issue. She inquired about who had access to confidential information relevant to the matter and who was authorized to make decisions within the company. 

Christian Horner
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Additionally, she expresses concern about efforts made by Red Bull to identify the source of leaked information. Furthermore, her friend mentions a person's discontent with their suspension after filing a complaint, emphasizing their desire for transparency throughout the process.

Christian Horner: I am just pleased that the process is over

After being cleared of inappropriate behavior, Christian Horner expressed his happiness that the process is finally over. The Red Bull team principal was under enormous pressure from day one. There was a fear within the team that Red Bull would feel great consequences because of this. It was expected that this would also affect their results. Nevertheless, the victories in the first two races are enough to say that the Red Bull team can hardly be disrupted by anything.

"I am just pleased that the process is over. I obviously can't comment about it but we are here now very much to focus on the grand prix and the season ahead and trying to defend both of our titles."- Horner said.

Horner pointed out that he did not want to make any additional comments. He is happy that the process is over. During the first race in Bahrain, the Red Bull team principal expressed his excitement about the start of the new season in which his team is equally ambitious to win the championship again.

In later interviews, Christian Horner expressed his commitment to the team and confirmed that they are still motivated to win the championship. Horner pointed out that such things did not succeed in distracting them. For him, the most important thing is that there is cohesion and togetherness within the team. 

Comments by Jos Verstappen, Max Verstappen's father, that Horner must be suspended somewhat spoiled the atmosphere within the team. However, Horner does not want to dwell on such problems, he is ready to help his team this season just like the previous ones. 

It will be interesting to follow Horner and Red Bull this season. Even though the process is over, the question arises as to what kind of change may happen in the future?!

Max Verstappen does not want to think at all about this case or anything that diverts his focus from F1. He hopes that he can be equally successful this season.

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