A New Dawn for Motorsport: Audi Shakes Up Formula 1 with Ambitious Project

Audi is speeding up preparations for a successful entry into Formula 1, and it seems that it will take over the Swiss team Sauber

by Sededin Dedovic
A New Dawn for Motorsport: Audi Shakes Up Formula 1 with Ambitious Project
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Led by CEO Gernot Döllner, Audi is making a bold statement about its future with its comprehensive "Audi Agenda". This strategy prioritizes superior products, technological advancements and consolidating the brand's global prestige.

A significant aspect of this plan includes a strategic move to Formula 1, the pinnacle of motorsport. This decision reflects Audi's desire to strengthen its presence in motorsport and position itself at the head of the racing world by the 2026 season.

Calculated acquisition: taking control of Sauber

As a first step, Audi plans to fully take over the Sauber Group, a renowned Swiss racing team with a rich history. This strategic acquisition gives Audi full control of a key element of its Formula 1 program.

This move signifies Audi's serious commitment to success in the sport and proves that the wishes and intentions are real. Oliver Hoffmann, who currently leads technical development at Audi, is moving to a newly created position: General representative for the Audi Formula 1 program.

He leads the entire project, ensuring it is in line with Audi's overall goals. This position includes managing the partnership with Sauber, overseeing engine development at Audi Formula Racing GmbH in Neuburg and strategically directing the program from an Audi AG perspective.

Stefano Domenicali, CEO of the Formula One Group, Mohammed ben Sulayem, FIA President, Markus Duesmann Audi CEO and Oliver Hoffm© Dan Mullan / Getty Images

In addition to a successful entry into Formula 1, this strategic partnership aims to increase the global reach of the Audi brand and create a strong link between motorsport and the company's production vehicles.

Although a very successful brand in Europe, it failed to break into the foreign market, and Formula 1 as a competition is also followed outside the old continent. To facilitate this ambitious project, Audi plans to acquire 100% of Sauber Holding AG.

This full ownership gives them complete control over all aspects of Sauber's business, ensuring seamless integration within the larger Formula 1 program. Islero Investments AG, the current majority shareholder, has expressed support for the move.

In addition, Oliver Hoffmann will assume the chairmanship of the boards of directors of all Sauber Group companies, consolidating his leadership role in the newly formed entity. This restructuring requires his withdrawal from the Board of Directors of Audi AG.

Internal reorganization: efficiency for future success

In a separate but related move, Audi CEO Gernot Döllner will take over management of the technical development department in addition to his existing responsibilities.

This strategic decision aims to simplify operations and accelerate development cycles within the department. To achieve these goals, clearer areas of responsibility and efficient structures will be implemented. This internal reorganization reinforces Audi's commitment to technological progress, a key pillar of Audi's agenda.

Another key figure emerges in the form of Andreas Seidl, who will take on the role of CEO of the Audi F1 team. Seidl takes on the responsibility of implementing the Audi F1 project and guiding the team towards achieving top results in Formula 1.

He will become the public face of the team, representing the Audi brand globally and ensuring that the company establishes a stunning presence in the Formula 1 motorsport arena. The German automaker's considerable resources, technical expertise and championship pedigree promise to be a formidable force.

Their participation is likely to spark innovation and healthy competition, further pushing the boundaries of technology and performance in Formula 1. Audi, with its everyday car models, is perhaps the European leader when it comes to car technology, design and popularity.

The influence of Audi's Formula 1 program extends beyond the race track. The knowledge and experience gained from the competition will undoubtedly influence the development of future Audi production vehicles. Formula 1 serves as a testing ground for cutting-edge technologies that can later be incorporated into commercially available cars, potentially leading to advances in areas such as electric vehicle technology, aerodynamics and lightweight materials.

For Sauber, the partnership with Audi represents a unique opportunity. Audi's vast resources and technical prowess will provide Sauber with the tools and support needed to compete at the highest level in Formula 1. This alliance has the potential to return Sauber to the ranks of the top contenders, which is definitely not the case today.

The leadership of the experienced Oliver Hoffmann and Andreas Seidl, together with the combined expertise of Audi and the Sauber F1 team, will create a formidable team capable of achieving top results. Regardless of Audi's technological and material stability, it will still require a real brain behind the wheel that will be able to use all the advantages of the Audi F1 car that we will have the opportunity to see next year.

Ultimately, Audi's entry into Formula 1 is a win for motorsport fans worldwide. The increased competition promises more exciting races, closer battles for the championship title, and a constant push towards technological innovation.