Williams continues to work with Mercedes

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Williams continues to work with Mercedes

Williams will improve their collaboration with Mercedes from 2022 and will use more parts on its cars produced by a team that has enjoyed total dominance in Formula 1 for the last seven years. The legendary British team has been using Mercedes engines throughout this seven-year period, from the very beginning of the Formula 1 hybrid era, but they produced all the other parts of the Williams car themselves, wanting to keep their tradition and independence.

This form of work gave very good results at first, so Williams won third place in 2014 and 2015, but then began a steep decline, and in the last two seasons, the team from Grove won a single point in the World Cup. Last year, the Williams family sold the team to U.S.

investor Dorilton Capital, and the new owners have now decided to step up cooperation with Mercedes. According to the agreement reached in 2022, Williams cars should use Mercedes gearboxes and hydraulic components. “The enhanced partnership with Mercedes will allow Williams to implement a more efficient design and production process over a longer period, which will allow the team to focus resources on other areas.

Williams will continue to design and manufacture other chassis parts internally. ” “I am glad that our excellent cooperation with Mercedes is expanding beyond the supply of engines. Williams is an independent team, but Formula 1 is constantly evolving, and as a team we have to be agile and react to the current climate, to put the team in the best possible position and be competitive on the track.

” “This long-term agreement with Mercedes is a positive step and forms part of our strategic goals for the future, while still maintaining our design and production capability in our home,” said team boss Simon Roberts.

Toto on new agreement

The other side is also satisfied with the agreement. Toto Wolff spoke positively about this new agreement and the deepening of technical cooperation with Williams. “For Williams, it makes sense to take over the integrated powertrain after using our powertrains since 2014, and for us, it makes sense in terms of economy and supplying another team under the new rules.

It’s a project we’ve been talking about with Williams for a while now and I’m glad we were able to finalize that deal, ”Wolff said. During 2020, Williams made a significant step forward in terms of the speed of his car compared to the previous season, but it was still not enough for some to enter the Top 10. This goal will try to realize the same driving settings in the new season - George Russell and Nicholas Latifi.