Jos Verstappen honest about the conflict with Christian Horner: Interesting Details

"I said it would bad if he stayed, it really isn't good for the team, this whole situation."

by Sead Dedovic
Jos Verstappen honest about the conflict with Christian Horner: Interesting Details
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The conflict between Jos Verstappen and Christian Horner continues. After Horner was cleared of allegations of inappropriate behavior towards a colleague, many still criticize Horner and doubt his innocence. Even those who believe that Horner is not at fault in the entire situation think that his stay in the team could negatively impact the atmosphere. 

Jos Verstappen is one of those who does not want to see Horner within the team. On the other hand, Max Verstappen's father believes that Horner will certainly stay on the team, considering the massive support from the team's owners.

"I think it's too late for Christian to say 'leave me alone' but he has the support of the Thai owner so I think he will stay for the rest of the season," he said, as quoted by Daily Mail.

"I said it would bad if he stayed, it really isn't good for the team, this whole situation."

Jos Verstappen, who is known for being honest, has chosen to share details about the conversation he had with Horner and how it all looked. Horner is willing to support Max, but it appears that Jos doesn't trust Horner after everything that has happened.

"That was earlier, on Friday, before the race," he said.

"He was saying to me 'Do you trust me? I will do everything for your son' and we were talking with our hands, we didn't have a fight."

Jos admitted to having an argument with Horner in the office

"But on Friday we did have an argument in the office, and I walked out but, in the trailer, he came up to me and said 'Congratulations, good race'."

Jos shared that he understands and feels for the Red Bull employee who got suspended. He thinks it's essential for her to speak up about her situation, even though he doesn't know all the details. 

It seems that Jos is not particularly familiar with specific details in the whole story, and therefore, he doesn't want to make a final judgment. What he considers a good thing is for the employee to come forward publicly and share her side of the story. She still doesn't intend to do that, but we'll see if she will indeed decide to take such an unusual step.

Jos is worried that all the controversies surrounding Red Bull are affecting his son, Max. Despite Max's good performance in practice, the media is more focused on Christian Horner's personal issues. Jos believes this distraction might cause problems for Max and suggested that it might be better for Horner to leave the team in this situation. 

Max Verstappen and Jos Verstappen
Max Verstappen and Jos Verstappen© Clive Mason/Getty Images Sport

Max is a driver whose expectations have always been the highest, especially after the previous season where he dominated race after race. This season, equally brilliant performances are expected. However, in an atmosphere where more and more is being said about things other than races and drivers' successes, it's not something that can motivate a driver or make them happy. Verstappen needs to focus primarily on race, and anything beyond that should not be the topic of discussion between him and the media. Despite this, Max has started the season promisingly, ready to win another championship and impress fans once.

Christian Horner wants the discussion about his case to come to an end

In Saudi Arabia, the head of the Red Bull team, Mr. Horner, said that he wants everyone to stop talking about his case and move on. Max's dad, Jos, responded by saying it might be too late for that now. He mentioned that he doesn't want to talk too much about it because it could cause more problems. 

In moments when charges are brought against you, and when such news becomes public, it's hard to expect emotions to calm down easily. Horner will need to be patient and wait for his case to become a thing of the past and fade away over time. However, the question is how long it will take for such stories to truly stop. Jos, along with many others, is aware that Christian will have to endure media questions regarding his case for some more time.

Jos also pointed out that what matters most to him is Max's happiness. He just wants Max to be happy, and that's the most important thing for him.

Jos worked hard to turn Max into a top Formula 1 driver. Having succeeded, Jos hopes Max can keep performing well and win more championships. The Verstappen family is never fully satisfied; they have a special drive for success! Jos was a young driver with a similar passion, even though he wasn't nearly as good as his son.

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