Max Verstappen Comments on Helmut Marko's Potential Suspension

"My loyalty to him is very big and I have always expressed this to everyone."- Verstappen said.

by Sead Dedovic
Max Verstappen Comments on Helmut Marko's Potential Suspension
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After the saga involving Christian Horner, rumors have already emerged that Helmut Marko could be suspended in the coming period. Red Bull's senior advisor is known for his clear views and authoritative style. What definitely wouldn't suit the team leaders and other staff is the departure of such a legend. 

Despite being 80 years old, his passion and love for success and victories are still present. It's interesting how this former professional racing driver is motivated to help Red Bull achieve its goals. 

Max Verstappen, currently the best driver in F1, commented on the option of Marko being suspended in a media interview yesterday, expressing his hope that such a scenario won't occur, stressing how important Marko is for the team. 

Verstappen has looked up to figures like Marko since the beginning of his career, receiving advice from them day by day. Learning from them, Verstappen has become a driver respected by all and currently the biggest fear for opponents in the F1 scene.

“From my side, I have a lot of respect for Helmut, and what we have achieved together,” he said, as reported by straitstimes!

“It goes back very far. My loyalty to him is very big and I have always expressed this to everyone... that he is an important part in my decision-making for the future within the team.

It is very important that he stays within the team, including of course everybody else, because it is a team effort and it is very important that we keep the key people together.

I feel like if such an important pillar falls away, that is not good for my situation as well. For me, Helmut has to stay.”

In a recent interview. Helmut Marko addressed speculations regarding a potential suspension. These rumors suggest that he might be under suspicion for leaking information to the media about Red Bull's investigation into the conduct of the team boss, Christian Horner

Christian Horner
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There were tensions and conflicts within the team even before, which strongly implies the current developments. Although everything may appear fine from the outside, considering Red Bull's dominance in previous seasons, it is clear that some internal matters are not particularly ideal. Understanding what is happening within the team is a hard task due to the many actors involved in the story. However, there is no doubt that specific details will come to light in the next few weeks or months.

Marko explained the situation, stating that it is challenging to evaluate, and ultimately, he will make decisions based on his judgment. He stressed the theoretical possibility of a suspension and characterized the matter as highly complex. It's as if through his words, one can sense a certain level of guilt, even though these are still assumptions, and we cannot confidently say whether Marko is the culprit in the story.

Marko stressed the team's desire for internal harmony, emphasizing the upcoming challenges in the championship with 24 races and the importance of focusing on their performance.

The beginning of the season looks promising, with indications that Red Bull could once again compete for the top and secure the championship. Max Verstappen has continued where he left off, while his teammate, Sergio Perez, has shown significantly more confidence and quality compared to some races in the previous season. This can bring joy to the leaders of this team.

Max Verstappen believes that Helmut Marko can help the team

Verstappen said that Helmut Marko helped create the team from the very beginning with Dietrich Mateschitz. He emphasizes that Marko has always been loyal to the team and worked to make sure everyone in the team kept their jobs since the early days. Helmut Marko was one of those who knew the team's internal affairs best. He is someone many look up to and an example for everyone. However, just like everyone else, he is open to making mistakes. We will see if such an error will cost him in the end.

Verstappen thinks it's important to respect Marko for all he has done, focusing on his loyalty and integrity. He believes that Marko should continue to be part of the team because of his important role and the values he brings. 

The Dutchman won't be the one deciding; it's the management of the team. It will be interesting to see what happens in the coming period. Helmut Marko is in a difficult situation, unlike any he has faced in his career. Perhaps the desire of Verstappen and others could be one of the reasons Marko remains part of the team and helps it in the future. Marko can only hope for the best.

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