Toto Wolff Clarifies Lewis Hamilton's Involvement in Sargeant Incident

"I saw the moment, but I don't know if Lewis got the message that Sargeant was coming," Wolff said.

by Sead Dedovic
Toto Wolff Clarifies Lewis Hamilton's Involvement in Sargeant Incident
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Toto Wolff, who supports Lewis Hamilton, explained and defended him in the situation involving Logan Sargeant during the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix practice. In the incident, Hamilton unintentionally got in the way of Sargeant's car at high speed during practice. Hamilton claimed that he had slowed down to let another car pass and didn't realize Sargeant was there. He quickly apologized for the incident.

Despite his apology, Mercedes has been fined $15,000. Given Hamilton's experience and character, many believe that the British driver did not have bad intentions in that situation.

In a media interview, Toto Wolff explained that he is not sure whether Hamilton received a message that Sargent was coming. However, the Mercedes team principal, knowing his driver well, emphasizes that Hamilton did not do it intentionally.

"I saw the moment, but I don't know if Lewis got the message that Sargeant was coming," Wolff told Sky Germany, as quoted by

"In any case, it was dangerous and it could have resulted in a big crash, but nobody does that on purpose, especially not Lewis."

Toto Wolff is aware that Mercedes will have to strive for changes again, considering they have faced a lot of issues right from the start. This could be another disappointing season for them if they don't find a solution quickly. Wolff emphasized that F1 fans might have heard that Russell and Hamilton are not satisfied with the cars. When you don't have a car that allows you to achieve positive results, you feel a sense of uncertainty, and it's natural for your confidence to disappear in those moments.

"If you listen to the drivers, you hear that the car is not perfect and that they have balance and bouncing problems," he said.

"They don't have confidence, but I think that's true for everyone at the moment, you can hear that on the radio."

Mercedes experimented with different car setups for Lewis Hamilton, and unfortunately, they found that one of the setups didn't work well for him. They plan to make adjustments specifically for the qualifying session to improve his performance.

Lewis Hamilton at Singapor GP
Lewis Hamilton at Singapor GP© Clive Mason / Getty Images

Despite the setup challenges, the overall performance of the car is improving. Toto Wolff emphasizes the need for careful consideration of their strategy for the upcoming qualifying session to maximize their chances. It's likely that there's a certain level of concern within the team about what might happen. The leaders at Mercedes don't want to witness another failure from their team. Mercedes is a team accustomed to taking the lead, dominating, and achieving success. The last three seasons, especially the 2023 season, have been disappointing for them.

Toto Wolff expresses uncertainty about Mercedes' current standing in terms of performance. He predicts that eight cars will be closely competitive, with minimal time differences of around three-tenths of a second between them. 

Several teams have already shown at the beginning that they will be serious contenders for the top positions. It will be interesting to follow the progress of these teams and see how much they can truly achieve in the 2024 season.

Mercedes team is thinking about the next season: Max Verstappen as an option?!

Even though their focus is on achieving great results this season, the Mercedes team must already start thinking about the next season, especially because Hamilton is leaving the team at the end of the season.

Mercedes will have to find solutions after Lewis Hamilton leaves the team from next year. In the next few months, Mercedes' leaders want to assess the market and sign a driver with the potential to succeed Hamilton. What shocked many is the connection of Max Verstappen with Mercedes. Although deemed by many as an unrealistic option, there is increasing emphasis on this story, and it seems that there is something hidden in it. Toto Wolff has reacted to such an option in a media interview. While Wolff believes that Verstappen currently has no reason to leave Red Bull, he emphasizes that the future could be interesting.

"The market is very interesting.

For a driver, the most important thing is to be with whoever is fastest, and there is no reason now for Max to leave Red Bull anytime soon. But we'll see what happens."

Jos Verstappen's recent statements regarding Christian Horner and his opinion that Horner and Red Bull should part ways have intensified rumors about Max's departure. However, these are all still just rumors, which in most cases lack a solid foundation. The future will better reveal the plans of the 26-year-old Dutchman. Things are going well at Red Bull, but perhaps Max will be interested in a new challenge.

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