Christian Horner responded to Jos Verstappen's statements about him

Christian stressed that both Max and his father, Jos Verstappen, are independent individuals

by Sead Dedovic
Christian Horner responded to Jos Verstappen's statements about him
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After Jos Verstappen, Max Verstappen's father, requested Red Bull to part ways with Christian Horner, it didn't take long for a reaction from the Red Bull team principal. Just a few days after the impressive victory in Bahrain and the confirmation that Horner was cleared of allegations of inappropriate behavior, Max's father had an interesting response. 

Christian, in a media interview ahead of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, emphasized that his main focus is on the future and expressed a desire to assist Max Verstappen in achieving his goal. It seems like he wanted to avoid giving a direct response to such a question.

“I’m obviously aware of the comments that were made,” he said, as quoted by

“There was a discussion subsequent to the race, everyone’s focus is very much on the future, the team’s focus is very much on defending both of these world titles, Max’s three successive world titles, the 55 victories of Max, the 114 victories we’ve achieved, and now sit tied with Williams on GP victories, our focus is very much on the future, discussions took place following the race in Bahrain and we’re all looking forward.”

Horner was questioned about his relationship with Jos Verstappen, Max Verstappen's father, following a request for Red Bull to sever ties with him. Horner opted not to divulge private details but acknowledged that discussions had taken place.

He emphasized the team's concentration on upcoming challenges and the new season, tempering expectations after their strong showing in Bahrain. Horner underscored the significance of team unity, asserting that their success stems from cohesive collaboration and complete harmony.

Horner was questioned about his relationship with Max Verstappen's dad, Jos Verstappen, who asked Red Bull to separate from Horner. Horner didn't share all the private details but admitted they had discussions.

He stressed that the team is concentrating on future challenges and the upcoming season, playing down the idea that they'll keep dominating races after doing well in Bahrain. Horner also pointed out how important it is for the team to stick together and work smoothly, saying their success comes from everyone collaborating well and being in harmony.

Horner has had several challenging months, and it seems like he wants to forget about everything that happened. The imperative for Horner and other team leaders is to help Red Bull achieve its goal in the future. It will be a challenging but interesting task.

Horner mentioned that Max's dad played a big part in Max's racing career and getting him into Formula 1. Fans of Formula 1 know that Jos Verstappen, Max's father, set up a system of rules when Max was young to shape him into a great driver who could be really successful in Formula 1. Jos has succeeded in his intention. Some still have reservations about Jos Verstappen's methods, but this former F1 driver has never doubted his parenting and teaching abilities.

Max and Jos Verstappen
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Christian stressed that both Max and his father, Jos Verstappen, are independent individuals. Horner noted Max's growth from a teenager to a successful young man since joining the team.

Christian Horner: Jos Verstappen and I have to work towards helping Max

Horner avoided discussing the specifics of relationships between fathers and drivers, recognizing the uniqueness of each case. After the Grand Prix, he spoke with Jos and praised Max's performance.

The decision to move forward collectively and focus on the future was agreed upon. Horner emphasized the shared interest in maximizing Max's potential, securing the best cars, and making the most of his amazing gtalent. The goal is to continue providing him with a highly competitive racing car.

Christian Horner also knows Max since he was a child. They share many great memories, ups and downs, but the most important thing is that they have remained consistent and confident that they can achieve great results. That's what makes this team special. Looking at the start of this season, many expect Max Verstappen to replicate his previous success. A dominant start is a reason for optimism among Red Bull fans. This will be a long season with many interesting moments, of that, we have no doubt.

Judging by Horner's statements, it can be concluded that Jos Verstappen and Christian Horner have found common ground and resolved their issues. On the other hand, it's possible that this duo simply doesn't want to create problems for their team, choosing to distance themselves and refrain from commenting on each other. Whatever the truth may be, without cooperation and harmony, it's hard to expect progress from the team.

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