F1 Facing Criticism: Lewis Hamilton Highlights Issues Within the Sport

"As someone who loves the sport, it's definitely disappointing to see what's going on right now,” Hamilton said

by Sead Dedovic
F1 Facing Criticism: Lewis Hamilton Highlights Issues Within the Sport
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The events in the F1 scene are not bringing joy to anyone, including the drivers. Lewis Hamilton is one of those frustrated by the current happenings and the daily rumors. 

It seems that the main focus in recent weeks has been on Christian Horner, who has been cleared of allegations of inappropriate behavior. Additionally, FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem has been the subject of discussions amid rumors that he instructed officials not to certify last year's Las Vegas Grand Prix. 

Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner talks with Mohammed ben Sulayem
Red Bull Racing Team Principal Christian Horner talks with Mohammed ben Sulayem© Mark Thompson/Getty Images Sport

Hamilton, in a media interview, addressed these rumors expressing concern. The Briton is disappointed because the focus is on such matters rather than on the races. Lewis is unhappy with how things look from the outside. For him, the most important thing is that attention is directed towards the races and the drivers' achievements. Hamilton advocates for transparency and hopes for some progress in resolving these issues.

"As someone who loves the sport, it's definitely disappointing to see what's going on right now,” Hamilton said, as quoted by crash.net

“It doesn't look good from the outside world, the outside looking in. I think it's a really, really important time for the sport to really show and stick to its values, holding ourselves accountable for our actions.

And it's a really, really pivotal moment, I think, for the sport, in terms of what we project to the world, and how it's handled. And it's not been handled very well to this point.

Transparency is really key. And I'm really, really hoping to see some progress moving forwards.

I hope it's not a year that continues to go on with this. But it highlights some of the issues we also have within the sport."

Lewis Hamilton is one of the drivers who is active both on and off the F1 tracks. Many times, he has advocated for equality and the rights of all individuals, and this time is no exception. As long as such issues do not become a reality, Hamilton has no intention of giving up his fight.

“And when we're talking about diversity, inclusion, that inclusion for example, and making people feel comfortable in this environment, is key. And it's clearly not the case.”- he continued.

The Briton believes that such things are not part of the sport he loves. However, he is aware that Formula 1 is that kind of sport; it attracts enormous attention from everyone, and sometimes such rumors are inevitable. F1, like many sports, experiences intriguing moments. Lewis Hamilton also emphasized this point. 

In the last few years, there have been many changes, rumors, and interesting outcomes. While it is what fans desire and it enhances marketability, Hamilton and many other drivers question how necessary such things are for this sport.

Furthermore, there has been a lot of talk lately about statements from Jos Verstappen, Max's father, who believes that Horner should leave his position and hand it over to someone else. Lewis Hamilton recalled a similar situation from the early days of his career.

Max Verstappen and Jos Verstappen
Max Verstappen and Jos Verstappen© Clive Mason/Getty Images Sport

Lewis Hamilton recalled his experience at McLaren

Hamilton talked about his experiences at McLaren when their leader, Ron Dennis, was under scrutiny for his leadership. He explained how such situations can impact the entire team. Hamilton stressed the importance of a leader in establishing the team's tone, upholding core values, and guiding it toward its goals. He emphasized that, while every team member is vital, the leader plays a key role in shaping the team's direction and ensuring integrity in the sport.

If a team lacks a true leader whom everyone respects and follows as an example, it is difficult to expect that such a team can make progress and dominate the F1 scene. Christian Horner doesn't appear defeated by everything that has happened. He emphasized that, for him, the most important thing is for Red Bull to continue where it left off. He was particularly pleased after the first race of the season in Bahrain, where Red Bull once again achieved a dominant victory. Verstappen won the race, while his teammate, Sergio Perez, finished in second place.

Lewis Hamilton expects brighter days for this sport. The current events do not inspire optimism that something will improve. From the next season, the Briton will compete for Ferrari, attempting to change at least something in his career if he cannot influence external developments.

The start of the season doesn't seem very promising for him, considering that he finished the race in Bahrain in 7th place, while his teammate, George Russell, had to settle for 5th place. The continuation of the season will reveal more.

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