Lewis Hamilton Believes Max Verstappen's Move to Mercedes Wouldn't Make Sense

"I wouldn't say I'm surprised, because he's a great driver."- Hamilton said.

by Sead Dedovic
Lewis Hamilton Believes Max Verstappen's Move to Mercedes Wouldn't Make Sense
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Formula 1 fans were surprised as there is increasing talk about Max Verstappen being considered as an option for Mercedes from the next season. The Dutchman has been super dominant in the Red Bull car, starting the season in a brilliant way with a victory in Bahrain. 

Many predict that Verstappen will win the championship again this season and continue from where he left off. 

His once fierce rival Lewis Hamilton is set to join Ferrari the next season, leaving the Mercedes seat vacant. The question arises as to who could succeed the Briton in 2025. 

Red Bull and Mercedes have been the biggest rivals for years, although Red Bull was convincingly ahead of Mercedes in the previous season.

In a media interview, the 39-year-old driver, Lewis Hamilton, spoke about Verstappen as an option for Red Bull. Hamilton has no issues with Verstappen and respects his achievements and everything he has accomplished in his career.

Hamilton commented on their battle in the 2021 season, especially highlighting the moment when Verstappen controversially secured the title in Abu Dhabi.

"I wouldn't say I'm surprised, because he's a great driver. I think even we spoke back then. Max in that moment, he did what he had to do, it was nothing on him, it was the sport that let us down.

And I think that wasn't his fault. Me, in his position, I would have done exactly the same thing. So there's no issues there."- Hamilton said, as quoted by crash.net

The Briton understands the interest from Mercedes in Verstappen. His arrival would have many positive effects on Mercedes. From a marketing perspective, it would be a brilliant move. Additionally, Verstappen is an excellent driver that any team would desire to have. However, Lewis believes that his move to Mercedes wouldn't make sense. Nevertheless, the future will be interesting, and Hamilton is eagerly awaiting the unfolding of events.

Hamilton was questioned about the possibility of taking advantage of the dissatisfaction at Red Bull by attempting to attract design legend Adrian Newey to Ferrari. In response, the 39-year-old emphasized his understanding of team dynamics, pointing out that while Adrian receives much credit, many engineers in the background contribute considerably to the team and car development. He clarified that the decision is not his to make and stressed the continuing competition with Red Bull this year, stating that discussions about the following year are premature at the moment.

Lewis Hamilton has decided to change the course of his career from the next season, despite the expectations of many that he would conclude his career with Mercedes, and join Ferrari. Explaining his decision, Hamilton confirmed that he had the desire to be a part of this team, considering the great names that have driven Ferrari cars. The Briton is excited to open a new chapter in his career and strive for a new title. It seems that Hamilton himself is surprised by his decision, given that it was not an easy one to make. Regarding Max Verstappen, the 39-year-old driver believes that anything is possible. The next few months will provide a clearer picture of what might happen or actually happen.

"My move has shown that anything's possible, and it's going to be a really interesting next six months or so."- Hamilton said.

George Russell reacts to the rumors about Verstappen and his potential arrival at Mercedes

A colleague of Hamilton, George Russell, who will remain a driver for the team next season, commented on the potential option of Max Verstappen becoming his teammate from the next season.

George Russell, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton
George Russell, Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton© Clive Mason / Getty Images Sport

Russell, aware of Verstappen's capabilities and what he could bring to the team, believes it would be a fantastic thing. Russell emphasized that any team would want to have such a driver in their lineup. However, he emphasizes Red Bull and the internal dynamics of the team. Despite the situation looking promising from an external perspective, Russell stressed the difficulty in assessing what goes on behind closed doors. This young driver thinks that Verstappen's arrival would add an extra element of excitement.

The 26-year-old driver hasn't forgotten to praise his current teammate, Lewis Hamilton, whom he considers the greatest of all time. Russell is open to having anyone as his teammate in the next few years. He emphasizes that the arrival of a brilliant driver within the team would mean greater competitiveness and could potentially influence his own progress. At this moment, George is focused on himself and his development. He believes that it's crucial to primarily observe oneself, and then everything else. The Briton has stressed that he has learned a lot from Lewis Hamilton in the past few seasons.

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