Helmut Marko Suggests Mercedes May Be Chasing Max Verstappen!

Although it seems like an incredible and shocking piece of news, some believe that such an outcome is possible

by Sead Dedovic
Helmut Marko Suggests Mercedes May Be Chasing Max Verstappen!
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Mercedes is looking for the right driver for the next season. It will be challenging to find someone who can replace Lewis Hamilton. The brilliant Briton has been dominating the big stage for years. 

However, from the next season onward, Hamilton will be a driver for Ferrari. The Italian team wanted to hire an experienced and skilled driver, and the choice fell on Lewis Hamilton. 

The Briton will have the opportunity to give his best next year and help Ferrari. Many are questioning whether Max Verstappen could be the next Mercedes driver. 

Although it seems like an incredible and shocking piece of news, some believe that such an outcome is possible. Helmut Marko, the current director of the Red Bull Formula One teams, spoke to the media about the possibility that Mercedes contacted Max Verstappen intending to sign him for the next season.

“I would be surprised if they hadn't,”-he told Krone Zeitung.

“But Max is a very loyal driver.”

The last sentence by Marko speaks volumes about how much he believes in the Dutchman and his decisions. Marko has always held a high opinion of Verstappen. Red Bull made a brilliant move by hiring this driver when he was 17 years old. 

Max Verstappen and Helmut Marko
Max Verstappen and Helmut Marko© Mark Thompson / Getty Images Sport

Verstappen has proven to be the best possible choice for Red Bull. It is hard to expect that now, in his prime and in a team that has given him everything, Verstappen would leave the team and seek happiness elsewhere.

Much is expected from Lewis Hamilton this season. The Briton did not have a particularly successful previous season, much like his teammate, George Russell. Lewis and Mercedes are aware that they must perform much better if they want to be competitive at the top. However, the start of the season is not promising for them. The Bahrain GP turned out to be a disappointing experience for Mercedes. Marko is one of those who still firmly believes that Hamilton can achieve great results this year.

“Lewis is an exceptional driver,” he said.

“If they give him a car that is capable of winning [races] or even a World Championship, they will have to involve him until the end – and so just jump over their shadow.”

Helmut Marko mentioned that although having nearly perfect results like the previous season would be great, there are specific challenges at different racetracks. He stressed how important it is to start at the front (secure pole positions) in races like Monaco or Singapore, acknowledging that the competition has become more challenging. However, he made it clear that their main objective is to win the championship.

Helmut Marko is happy with the new car

Leaders of Red Bull are aware that this team has the potential to replicate the successes of previous seasons. Although it seems challenging to repeat the previous season, there is no shortage of optimism among the leaders of this team. From the outset, it is clear that Verstappen will be the primary candidate for winning the championship. The Dutchman convincingly secured victory, a staggering 22 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher, Sergio Perez. Marko stressed the quality of his team but emphasizes the importance of being cautious when observing other teams and their progress.

He emphasized that the team's extensive knowledge allowed them to take risks without the fear of failure. The technicians, led by Pierre Wache and Adrian Newey, demonstrated a non-conservative approach, reflecting Red Bull's DNA. The fear Red Bull has instilled in other teams, well aware of the team's capabilities, is palpable. Red Bull successfully ended Mercedes' dominance, and now many aim to halt Red Bull's supremacy. The first race does not provide optimism that anyone will succeed in such an endeavor.

The narrow side pods of the RB20 showed its unique design, influencing the entire field and making Red Bull's package stand out in the competition.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner is also impressed with the start of his team, especially with Max Verstappen's performance. While Sergio Perez had a good performance, he may not be entirely satisfied given the gap to the leader. Despite everything, Horner is pleased with Perez's performance and acknowledges his desire to secure a place in the team.

Well look, we’re here to focus on track, and I think that the start to the season that we've had has been [yielded] an incredible, incredible result by the whole team. Max was dominant and Checo, I thought, drove a very strong race coming through the field from fifth to achieve a 1-2 finish at the first grand prix of the year, achieving maximum points."

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