George Russell Reacts to Hamilton's Setup Comments: Uncertain About Differences

"I don’t really focus too much on his set-up. Mine was actually more set up for the race."

by Sead Dedovic
George Russell Reacts to Hamilton's Setup Comments: Uncertain About Differences
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Lewis Hamilton made interesting comments a few days ago regarding the race set-up in Bahrain. The Briton highlighted that he and Russell had the same race set-up, but he went in a completely different direction. Russell qualified third, while his colleague Hamilton finished in a disappointing 9th place. On Wednesday, Hamilton emphasized that their set-ups were different in terms of the direction they took. The Briton is aware that this season will be tough and will require a lot of effort.

"Thursday, was really good. Me and George were on the same set-ups but he went 'left' and I went 'right'. 'Right' was definitely not good for a single lap but I felt more comfortable with more fuel, so I hope that reflects in the race," Hamilton said, as quoted by!

"I've definitely sacrificed more than I hoped to and I hope it pays off. It's a lot of work to do to get past all those quick cars ahead of me but it will be fun.”

Russell decided to comment on Hamilton's statements. The young driver didn't notice any difference in their setups, as he is confident they had the same setups. Russell emphasized that he didn't pay much attention to Hamilton's setup. His focus was on giving his best and helping Mercedes achieve its goal. The beginning of the season is once again not promising for both, as Russell finished the race in 5th place, while Hamilton finished 7th. Mercedes seems to have significant problems, but it's still early to talk about it, considering this is just the first race of the season.

“Many people have said this,” Russell commented on Hamilton's choice of set-up.

“I don’t really know the big differences, to be honest, because as far as I’m aware with the cars we’re pretty similar.

I don’t really focus too much on his set-up. Mine was actually more set up for the race than the set-up he ran. At least it was on Friday [for qualifying].”

While competing in the race, Lewis Hamilton encountered multiple difficulties, such as power problems and a broken seat. He revealed that his battery was depleted for a considerable duration, impacting his speed on straight stretches and causing him to fall behind competitors, particularly the McLarens.  Lando Norris finished the race in 6th place, while his promising teammate Oscar Piastri secured an 8th-place finish.

Oscar Piastri, Lando Norris
Oscar Piastri, Lando Norris© Clive Rose / Getty Images

McLaren has once again demonstrated its readiness to make strides this season, building on the success of the fantastic 2023 season. It remains to be seen whether they will achieve their goals, and certainly, it will be a challenging task. However, many consider McLaren as a strong contender for the top positions.

Resolving this issue took around 10 laps, leading to a noticeable loss of time. Furthermore, he grappled with brake overheating and described the overall performance as average. Despite these obstacles, Hamilton made efforts to regain lost ground and stay competitive throughout the race.

Hamilton, after the Bahrain race, expressed that he feels great. The British driver is content, considering he gave his best, and the team worked hard during the winter. Although the result might not be what he desired, Lewis intends to maintain a positive outlook throughout the season.

"I'm actually feeling great. Basically, I feel great, so winter training has worked. We probably feel a little bit of disappointment within the team. I haven't seen anyone," Hamilton said.

Lewis Hamiton on his W15: It was difficult for me

Lewis Hamilton shared that driving the W15 in the race was difficult for him. He gave his best, but the car didn't perform as well as some others. The Brit, just like the rest of the team, was cautious before the start of the season, aware that their predictions in previous years didn't turn out to be the best. The new Mercedes car was supposed to be something entirely new. However, the race in Bahrain revealed that it has many weaknesses.

He thinks a higher qualifying position could have led to a better result. Despite challenges, the final part of the race was better, and he learned more about the car during that time. 

From race to race, Hamilton will become more familiar with the car, understanding its strengths and weaknesses. 

His experience could also be crucial until the end of the season. Lewis will try to give his best and make the most of what he has. The last season with Mercedes is an opportunity to once again leave a brilliant impression and prove to everyone that he is a driver of great qualities.

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